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Jenny was born with the ability to sense things and events beyond the physical and the present. She was approached and interviewed by Singapore Paranormal Investigators and have assisted them with some of their queries on spirituality and paranormal activities.

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Reiki Healing Classes with Master Jenny

Untap the Universe’s Reiki Healing Energy to Heal Yourself & Others

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Meditation Workshop with Master Jenny

Learn the Art of Clarifying the Mind

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A Gift From The Divine For A Purpose

Singapore Psychic Reading

Learn More About Your Past Lives and How They Affect Your Present

House Energizing

The energy in your house can have an impact on the harmony and prosperity of those living in it.

Spiritual Healing

Helps To Improve Your Physical Wellness

Crystal Energizing

Crystals have many healing properties that can benefit us in our daily lives and overall well-being.

Client Testimonials

“By fate, I met Jenny in 2012 and has been going to her for guidances and advices in many aspects of my life.

She’s a motherly figure and also my mentor in search of my spirituality. You can get the truest and no-nonsense advices from her.

Her healing abilities is definitely one of the best..” ERICIA CHOW

“Jenny is a true physic. From the first meeting, she is able to know what I wanted without me asking!

I started Reiki class with her and the experience has been amazing which really helped me alot in life. Her attitude is very direct which suits me well because I rather have someone tell me the truth than beat around the bush.

Truly grateful and I hope others can benefit from her special gift as well!”


“She never fails to amaze me whenever I go to her for my annual reads. There are occasions where I overlook some areas in which she told me to look out for, and they indeed happen.

I have learnt over the years to listen and keep my ears open and eyes wide. I have grown so much since I have started going to her. I would strongly recommend going to her.” RINE T

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