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A gift from the Divine for a purpose – to help my fellow human beings while we live our lives on earth


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I’ve always known that I could see or sense things and events that don’t necessarily belong to the physical world. I initially thought that it was something everybody was born with until I realise one day when I was much older, that very few around me possessed the ability that I have.

Science may call it clairvoyance or extrasensory perception, but I call it a special gift from the Divine — one that comes with a responsibility that requires me to use it to help fellow human beings as they navigate their lives on earth.

Many have come to trust me with this ability, including members of the well-known Singapore Paranormal Investigators, who would consult me on spirituality and paranormal activities before they go about with their investigations.

Others in the media, including Singapore Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao, have reached out to interview me about my ability as well. I even appeared on the popular Mediacorp Channel 5 programme “The Incredible Tales”, once.

My psychic ability has also allowed me to better understand a person’s spiritual, mental, physical and emotional health, enabling me to help them heal more effectively through Reiki or Crystal therapies.

Pairing my psychic ability with the two energy healing therapies can definitely enhance the healing process.

Should you have any problem you need advice or guidance for, speak to me and I can look into your situation.

We are all a part of the cosmos, and it is through this that you will be guided to handle the difficulties you face the best way possible.

Love and Light,
Gypsee Jenny