About Psychic Jenny…

Psychic JennyI was born with the ability to sense things and events beyond the physical and the present.

From young, I was aware of this ability but thought it was normal for everyone to also sense or ‘see’ what is not of this world. I did not realize till much older that most people did not have this ability that I have.

This special ability that I have is a gift from the Divine for a purpose – to help my fellow human beings while we live our lives on earth.

In Singapore, I was interviewed by Media Corp and have appeared on Channel 5 on one of the episodes in The Incredible Tales. The Singapore Chinese Newspaper, Lianhe Zaobao, also did an interview with me for the works that I do.

I was approached and interviewed by SPI (Singapore Paranormal Investigators) and I have assisted them with some of their queries on spirituality and paranormal activities.

I also realized that I am able to make use of my psychic reading gift to heal people physically. Hence, I decided to learn the art of Reiki Healing and Crystal Healing to enhance my healing ability.

I do spiritual healing for those who needed help physically, emotionally, mentally and for any situational matters. I will combine my Psychic ability together with Reiki and Crystal to enhance the healing process.

Should you have any personal problems about which you seek advice and guidance, do contact me and I will look into your situation and through the cosmos – which we are all part of – will guide you as to the best way to handle your difficulties.

Love and Light,
Gypsee Jenny