Crystal facial rollers are so popular these days that you can easily find them at many major cosmetics and skincare stores across Singapore at affordable prices.

Companies who sell either the jade, rose quartz, tourmaline or amethyst facial rollers broadly promise that the product can improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation and swelling, increase collagen, de-puff skin and increase oxygenation.

Some also say that the rollers are best used when they are stored cold.

According to some dermatologists, crystal rollers are probably helpful because they share the same benefits as massaging our face regularly and rolling an ice cube around the face. Many doctors have said that facial massages can improve circulation and relax the muscles while rolling ice can reduce the size of pores and drain the lymph.

Till date, there haven’t been any scientific evidence proving the benefits of crystal rollers for the skin. But widespread beliefs have been around for centuries.

Take the green jade rollers, for example. It is widely known as an ancient Chinese beauty tool used by the elites during the Qing dynasty. When rolled over the skin, jade is believed to have the capability to remove toxins, relax nerves and drain the lymph.

The rose quartz is believed to have skin rejuvenating properties, while the amethyst can reduce headache and heal blood- and breathing-related health problems, according to the book Healing Power of Gems by Indian Ayurveda practitioner Harish Johari. The tourmaline is also believed to calm the nerves while centering a person’s mind and improving decisiveness.

The popularity of crystal rollers goes hand in hand with the general boom in demand for crystals in the wellness industry, heavy promotion on social media and influence from celebrities around the world.

Unfortunately, meeting the mass demand for crystals has also led to instances where fake crystals are being sold in the market. So if you have been scouting for crystals to add to your daily beauty regime, make sure you do some research or consult a crystal healer to avoid purchasing bogus crystal rollers.

And be sure to disinfect the crystal rollers before use or storage to prevent bacteria spread that may worsen skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis.

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