Aura, the body’s energy shield

We all know what the body is made of but very few pay attention to the energy field that surrounds it.

The electromagnetic field around us is known as our aura, which can influence the way we feel and think depending on how strong or weak it is, or how much positive or negative energies it picks up from our surroundings.

Cleansing the aura can do wonders to our wellbeing. When we are under stress or feeling low, that could mean that the aura is weak or is filled with negativity. But when it is cleansed, you can feel energized, think more positively and feel better about yourself.

Some have also said that they can attract positivity in their surroundings when their auras are cleansed, such as meeting people who can provide good influence to them.

The aura is connected to the seven chakras within us and can appear in various colors. Some say that the colors are similar to the ones of the chakras, while others believe that this varies for each individual. The root chakra is commonly associated with red, the sacral chakra with orange, and the solar plexus chakra with yellow.

Strong auras can also stretch beyond the surface of our bodies, while weak auras can appear thin.

Maintaining a strong and clean aura is possible by maintaining positive thoughts and actions. But we’re all only human and can sometimes be influenced by the negativity in our surroundings, such as stressful environments or people, and may need additional help.

Reiki healing can help to cleanse the aura by charging it with positive energy so that the negativity can seep away. Make sure you find a good, experienced, and qualified reiki healer to do so.

Burning sage can help too. It is one of the oldest methods many people have turned to for aura cleansing.

Reports say that when dried sage is burned, it releases negative ions that can neutralize the aura and cleanse it.

Place the burning sage near the solar plexus before gently moving upwards, going around on your right, and then on your left.

You can start from the center, move up and down and back to the center. Do the same to your left and your right.

Repeat the same movements three times and do so every day if you can, twice or thrice depending on the amount of time you have.

There many other ways to cleanse your aura. One of the ways is to find a strong spiritual healer to cleanse your aura. Depending on the technique use by the healer, cleansing the aura may take approximately 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

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