What Is Crystal Healing?


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To many, crystals are simply natural formations found all over earth and occassionaly used for decorative purposes.

To crystal healers, each crystal possess its own energy, and vibrates at frequencies which can be channelled into healing a person’s physical, mental and spiritual body.

This practice of harnessing a crystal’s energy to clear a person’s blockages and align their chakras is known as crystal healing. It is believed that if a person’s chakra system is balanced, his or her physical body will then be able to naturally self-correct and heal.

Crystal healing is believed to have originated from Egypt or even dating further back to the ancient time of the Atlantis civilisation.

During a crystal healing session, crystals are placed on different parts of a person’s body, usually on their chakras. They can also be placed around a person’s body in an attempt to create an energy grid such that it surrounds the person with healing energy.
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Is Psychic Reading Accurate?

psychic-reading-accurateThere is a common belief that psychic powers are innate abilities which cannot be taught. People have different viewpoints of the supernatural or unexplained events happening in our world.

But most do not realize that these powers are in them, with no clue as to how to awaken these powers in their lives. There are different types of psychic powers, and everyone is born with a different level of spirituality in them.

A person with a strong psychic ability will be able to tell the future. Occasionally, such a psychic may also foresee the future of others, also known as a psychic reading. How accurate a the psychic reading is depends on the spiritual level of the psychic and the spiritual level of the person the psychic is doing reading for.

In other words…

If a psychic born with a lower spiritual level than the person
he is doing the reading for, the reading can never be accurate.

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What Is A Psychic?


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The basic definition of a psychic is a person born with extraordinary senses that are more foretelling than that of a person born with the ordinary six senses. Some can do mysticism effects on other persons living or dead or entities which we cannot see. This is a segment definition of Psychometric.

Most psychics have the extra sense of seeing things which others can’t normally see. An example is the boy in the famous movie called “Sixth Sense”.

Many psychics can read the past or peek into the future, and foretell events that are going to happen. We call this gift, Precognition, the ability to know what will happen in the future, or instance knowledge.

However, not all psychics share the same gifts, or equal amount of extra senses. Clairvoyance is the ability to see outside of our physical world, to retrieve information about an object, person, a situational matter or event through means other than the common human senses. A person with such ability is known as a Clairvoyant or Psychic or referred as Medium by some people.

One of a medium’s special gifts is the ability to connect people to communicate with their dead families and friends who are no longer in our physical world.

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