What is a Manifestation through Meditation?


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I am certain that you have heard these sayings one way or another…

You can make your dreams come true.

Different fields of Gurus and motivational speakers will tell you that you need to believe in yourself, to visualize your dreams and manifest these dreams according to your will and turn them in reality.

This includes how to handle stress and anxiety dues to countless reasons. Is this possible?

There are people who attended motivational seminars, workshops and courses to relief stress, etc. that will tell you, “YES!!! I got what I always wanted”.

But majority will tell you that the seminars, the programs and workshops they attended and the methods they have learned did not help them to get what they want. Like all the different methods taught by many, manifestation through meditation is one of them.

It is one of the spiritual ways of asking help from the universe, on how to accept and handle the situations you are in. There many ways on doing meditation and there are many types of meditation such as healing meditation, chakra balancing meditation and many more.

Read on to find more about manifestation through meditation and how you can perform it at home.

Meditation is a practice which an individual trains the mind to be in a thoughtless state. Most practitioners of meditation use this form of meditation to actualize their goals and dreams into reality.
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Live Psychic Reading Versus Online Psychic Reading


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Are you planning to get a physic reading?

With the advancement of technology you now have the choice of getting a physic reading over the internet rather than the traditional reading face to face with a physic.

But is there really significance between the two?

Read on to find out which type of physic reading you ought to get.

Online physic readings are a great and convenient way to get a reading without having to physically visit a physic. The physic uses the internet as a tool to connect and read with an individual.

The fees charge depend on types of reading require and the reputation and standings of the psychic reader. Most of the fees charges are affordable.

If you are a busy office person and does not have enough time to go out and visit a physic this is a convenient option for you. Online readings can be performed via chats and video calls with readers being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to cater to your needs.

However, without having to be physically with the reader, will your reading be of the same worth as you will get from a traditional reading (face to face)?
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How To Buy Healing Crystals That Suits You?


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For centuries, crystals and gemstones have been associated with mankind and nature.

People use them as a way to create happiness or for crystal healing purposes.

The properties of crystals with or without similar minerals, its reaction may differ on one individual to another.

And not everyone reacts the same way when exposed to them.

Some types of minerals are likely to produce a certain result, but not all specimens from the same type have similar properties whether if it’s physical or metaphysical.

There are books that describe about crystals and gemstones and how effective are their benefits when used as a healing tool.

Selecting the right crystals one can be challenging especially if you don’t have a clue on which crystal to choose, what it can do for you and being doubtful if the crystal will be beneficial to you.
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Are There Psychic Power in this World?

psychic power

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There are many people that are doubtful of psychics, psychic powers and its presence.

But there are firm believers that believe that psychic power s do exist.

However, regardless of the outcome, some that had first-hand experience, would simply say that it could be just a coincidence, some magic involve or that it is a rip-off.

Before we conclude whether psychic powers really exist, it would be best that we try to understand more of this singularity first.

Defining Psychic ability

Psychic ability
, also known as the sixth sense, comes in many forms. If we look it up in the Wikipedia, we will find a list of psychic abilities and their definitions.

There are many researches that provide basic explanation or definition of psychic abilities like clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience, but there is no agreement on what constitutes these experiences.

The concern is would a literal image of an object or a clear picture of the past, present or future event be required or a symbol’s image be enough to justify and determine that it is clairvoyance.

Because of that, many people will disagree with what qualifies as a “spot-on or a hit”. With this absence of agreement, the accuracy of descriptions about the past, present or future event becomes questionable.Surprisingly, many people believe that it has something to do with predictions of the future.
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Chakra Healing – Universal Technique of Spiritual Healing

chakra-healingToday, almost every alternative healing therapy system revolves round the word “Chakra”.

Universal spiritual healing techniques have been used over the ages as a way of ensuring good health for both the body and the soul.

On top of the many different techniques use in spiritual healing, chakra healing has become a vital part of most spiritual healing techniques to complete the healing process.

To understand what Chakra Healing is, we must first understand what chakras are. In Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, chakras means “wheels,” and those who can see them describe chakras as spinning wheels of light.

It is believed that Chakras are points or knots of concentrated energy in our subtle human body located on a vertical pane, parallel to the spine on the Subtle Body.

These chakras are not only connected to the physical body but are also associated with the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether) of which we are made of.Its energy flows throughout the human physical body and help us to accept, assimilate and give out life force energy.

Ancient tradition holds that there are numerous invisible channels around and inside the body of a living person. Through these channels or traditionally known as Nadirs, also known as Prana in India and Chi in China flows the life force energy. It is said there are 72 of these channels of which 3, are regarded as the most important conduits for the life force energy. The Sushumna, the Ida and the Pingala.
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