chakra-healingToday, almost every alternative healing therapy system revolves round the word “Chakra”.

Universal spiritual healing techniques have been used over the ages as a way of ensuring good health for both the body and the soul.

On top of the many different techniques use in spiritual healing, chakra healing has become a vital part of most spiritual healing techniques to complete the healing process.

To understand what Chakra Healing is, we must first understand what chakras are. In Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, chakras means “wheels,” and those who can see them describe chakras as spinning wheels of light.

It is believed that Chakras are points or knots of concentrated energy in our subtle human body located on a vertical pane, parallel to the spine on the Subtle Body.

These chakras are not only connected to the physical body but are also associated with the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether) of which we are made of.Its energy flows throughout the human physical body and help us to accept, assimilate and give out life force energy.

Ancient tradition holds that there are numerous invisible channels around and inside the body of a living person. Through these channels or traditionally known as Nadirs, also known as Prana in India and Chi in China flows the life force energy. It is said there are 72 of these channels of which 3, are regarded as the most important conduits for the life force energy. The Sushumna, the Ida and the Pingala.

When these three channels cross each other, an energy vortex is formed. These vortices are known as Chakras. There are thousands of chakras throughout the subtle energy system and those created by the crossing of the Sushumna, Ida and Pingala are the most significant – the seven major chakras.

These seven chakras rotate in a particular direction and at particular speed. Any disruptions in the speed or direction of the rotation can cause illness/ailment. Imbalance chakras can become lethargic, slow moving or over active.

The purpose of chakra healing and balancing is to dissolve blockages before they become physical which often lead to illnesses/ailments that eventually will also affect the stability and confident level of a person. Chakra healing also help to realign back misaligned chakras that will start working properly once again.

It is important that these chakras function in harmony and are free of blockages. Chakras that are harmonious with each other prevent/cure ailments.This is what holistic practitioners try to ensure.

There are two important factors that we must take note of. It is rare to find a totally harmonious chakra system and it is impossible to balance and align all the chakras. A degree of imbalance may often be due to forces of nature and upbringing.

The other important factor is we cannot balance our own Chakras. We will need aspiritual healer that is trained and familiar with energy medicine and the chakras, to help usmanoeuvre the energy flow throughoutour body.

Each of the seven chakras is responsible in the functioning of the various organs and the body as a whole.

Although chakras are invisible, they are positioned at visible locations on the human body making it easy to locate and identify them.

The Root / Base Chakra (1) lies in the area of coccyx in men and between the ovaries in women. This chakra links us to Mother Earth and provides us the necessary grounding. It supports the kidneys, bladder, spine, pelvic region, legs, and joints. Its element is Earth that contains energy and gives support. It is associated with the colour Reddish Brown/Dark or Bright Red. Healing stoneis the Red Jasper.

The Sacral/Sexual Chakra (2) is slightly below the navel. It is the centre of sexual energy, balance and desire. It supports in reproduction, kidneys and bladder. Its element is Water that rules the fluid contents of the body. Colour – Orange. Healing stone – Orange Carnelian.

The Solar Plexus (3) lies below the chest cavity. It is located where the physical energy is distributed and is the centre for unrefined emotions and the urge for power. It supports the stomach, gall bladder, liver and spleen. Its element are Air that stimulates the system, yet it can suffocate and Fire that warms and energizes, but can also burn you out. Colour – Yellow. Healing stone – Citrine.

The Heart Chakra (4) is situated in the middle of the chest at the level of the heart. It is the seat of compassion, devotion and love.It supports the heart, lungs, and blood circulation. Its elements are Fire and Air. Colour – Green/Pink. Healing stones- Green Aventurine/Rose Quartz.

The Throat Chakra (5) is the seat of communication, expression and creativity and controls your inner voice. It supports the throat and lungs. Its element is Ether that warm and energizes. Colour – Light Blue. Healing stones- Blue Lace Agate/Sodalite.

The Third Eye Chakra (6) lies in the middle of the forehead, slightly above the eye brows. It is associated with the extra- sensory perceptions such telepathy and clairvoyance. It is the seat of the will, the intellect and the spirit. It supports the spine, lower brain, left eye, nose and ears. Colour – Purple. Healing stones –Amethyst/Lazuli Lapis

The Crown Chakra (7) is positioned at the top and connects the physical to the universe. It is the entry point of the universal life force energy, which spiritual healers and Reiki practitioners alike convert into healing energy. This chakra represents the highest level of consciousness that mankind can attain. It supports the upper brain and right eye. Colour – Violet. Healing stone – Clear Quartz.

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