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To many, crystals are simply natural formations found all over earth and occassionaly used for decorative purposes.

To crystal healers, each crystal possess its own energy, and vibrates at frequencies which can be channelled into healing a person’s physical, mental and spiritual body.

This practice of harnessing a crystal’s energy to clear a person’s blockages and align their chakras is known as crystal healing. It is believed that if a person’s chakra system is balanced, his or her physical body will then be able to naturally self-correct and heal.

Crystal healing is believed to have originated from Egypt or even dating further back to the ancient time of the Atlantis civilisation.

During a crystal healing session, crystals are placed on different parts of a person’s body, usually on their chakras. They can also be placed around a person’s body in an attempt to create an energy grid such that it surrounds the person with healing energy.

Energy is then channelled from the crystal into the person’s body either by the healer placing his or her hands on the crystals directly, or using distant healing where his or her hands do not touch the patient.

Every crystal has a different healing property that gives out a unique dealing vibration depending on its structural make-up. As such, different crystals are used to treat different conditions. For example, a rose quartz has vibrational frequencies that can aid in multiple sclerosis.

The blue lace agate is another wonderful healing stone as its soft energy can bring a peace of mind to a stressed person.

With proper cleansing and energizing of the crystals, crystals used during healing sessions can speed up the healing process such that a patient may recover more quickly.

Noninvasive, safe and entirely natural, the process of healing with crystals is gaining newfound popularity in an age where conventional medicine often comes with side effects. Some examples of crystals use during healing include:

  • Amethyst – insomnia, best for overworked and overstressed mental states
  • Aquamarine – Crystal healing for thyroid deficiencies, throat and lymph infections
  • Blue Topaz – Relieves hypertension; good for thyroid balancing, and brings about calmness
  • Calcite – Good for memory enhancement and greater intellectural capability, abundance and prosperity
  • Citrine – Aids in digestion and assimilation, assists in attracting riches of the earth to us
  • Green Adventurine – Soothes a troubled heart, neutralizes the emotions and brings a sense of balance and well-being into the physical body
  • Red Jasper – Grounding stone and a blood cleanser

Crystal healing can also help in aches and pains, mental stress due to hectic lifestyles, emotional imbalances arising from traumatic upbringing and chronic illnesses.

One of the common sets of crystal that most people buy are the 7 Stones Chakra Set that gives you goodness of overall well-being and protection.

Nonetheless, this does not imply that healthy bodies will not enjoy the benefits of crystal healing. It can be simply used to enhance one’s well-being. There is a growing market for crystals and crystal healing as people are starting to appreciate the need for a holistic, well-balanced physical, mental and spiritual body.

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