Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

You will be able to book an appointment online over at Contact Us page. You will then be contacted within 72 hours to confirm your actual appointment. Once you are already a client, you may contact me (Jenny) directly for subsequent consultations.

Where are the readings held?

The readings are held at my residence in Singapore.

What techniques do you use, if any?

I have a unique palm reading technique.

What information about me do you need for a reading?

I need your full namedate, time and place of birthyour current resident location; and any specific questions that are on your mind at present.

What would I need to do or prepare?

There is nothing to prepare except to come with a light stomach.

What kind of problems can I ask for help?

Most clients ask about their careers, their personal lives, romance and marriage, financial prospects and investments, business success, among other subjects.

What if I need more advice after the reading?

You can contact me personally to arrange for subsequent appointments.

Can I ask about other problems during my reading?

You can ask as many questions as you want during your reading session.

Will you tell only good things? What about the bad things?

I will tell you all that I can read.

Can your abilities help me get what I want?

It will all depend on your destiny.

Can you reunite me with my loved one?

It will depend on your destiny if you can be united with your loved one.

Can you make him / her love me?

I do not wish to make someone love a person they may not be interested in or have lost interest in.

Do you do love spells or any other kind of spells?

No, I do not do any kind of spells. However, I do Crystal Energizing, which works positively for us, rather than to influence someone else.

Do you do location of missing persons?

Although I’m able to see the surroundings of someone I am focusing on, I prefer not to do location of missing persons. The main reason is that it is my policy to focus only on those who have given their consent for me to read them.

Can my future be changed in any way?

Yes, it is possible. One’s future is in one’s own hands. Our future is decided by how strong a willpower we have, and whether we are able to use our willpower to make the right choices for ourselves.

What are auras? Why can’t I see them?

Auras are the rays of the electro-magnetic field surrounding each and every living and non-living things. In humans, auras come from the seven charkas or energy (meridian) points in our bodies. Depending on the strength or weakness of each of our energy points, our auras appear in many different combinations of colors. Gifted persons with strong Third Eye are able to see auras. It is said that most of us can see auras but are not able to detect them because the colors of the visible world are too strong.

How does crystal healing work?

Crystals carry strong fields of vibration. Different crystals and stones vibrate at different frequencies. Due to their strong vibration, crystals can modify and adjust our energy fields and can assist in healing any underlying ailments except karmic ailments.

How effective is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is a natural, non-invasive form of healing, which repairs or balances energy fields which are low or unbalanced. It is safe to do crystal healing in addition to any medication you may be taking.

Some conditions may require a few sessions to complete the energy balancing for optimum healing and good health.

Why do homes or offices need Energizing?

There will always be both positive and negative energies in any premises. Energizing the home or office is to clear any negative energy and to re-calibrate the positive energies to work for the new occupants.

How would I know if I need a House or Office Energizing?

When you step into the house or office and feel uncomfortable, that is an indication that the place needs Energizing.

What happens in a House or Office Energizing?

I will visit the home or office and will go into each room sensing the vibrations and energy level of the premises. Rooms should preferably be unlocked for this purpose. Owner of the Home/Office must be present. After the inspection, I will have an in-depth analysis and discussion with the Owner, who may take notes if he wishes to. I will visit the premise again on another day and energize every room and corner of the premise in the presence of the Owner/owners.

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