Halloween is right around the corner and while we all know it is mainly a Western celebration, Singaporeans enjoy rising to the occasion and scaring themselves for fun.

There are several places in Singapore that many consider haunted, like the infamous Old Changi Hospital popular among local paranormal thrillers. But how can you tell if a place is haunted? Did the place look dilapidated? Did you sense chills down your spine? Heard spooky sounds of a child crying from afar? Well, you might be right, and the thing that’s helping you feel all of these otherworldly experiences is your sixth sense.

Everyone is born with a sixth sense. You can think of it as a divine gift from god or the universe that helps you protect yourself in a way that the other five senses cannot. Imagine alighting a bus and walking towards your apartment only to stop in your tracks as you feel a tight knot in the stomach. You’re not sure why you’re having that sensation, especially when home is just a few steps away. But you don’t feel good about going back just yet so you go to the nearby park and sit on a bench for a while until you feel better. That was your sixth sense in action.

What would our sixth sense protect us from? I believe it tries to prevent us from getting into situations we don’t desire to be in, like crossing paths with an evil spirit or getting into an accident. Our sixth sense is driven by our intuition or gut feeling, and it is the most powerful ability we all can have. You don’t even need to open your third eye to use your sixth sense.

Our sixth sense can help us tell whether a place is cursed or not even when it looks clean, bright, and inviting from the outside. A place doesn’t have to look run down, dark, or have remnants of some kind of ritual worship to tell you that it is haunted. This is useful when searching for a new house.

There is a popular myth among Singaporeans that we should bring our children with us when we go house hunting so that they can help us gauge the energy of the potential new home. If the kids looked comfortable and enjoyed playing in the house, then the energy must have been good. This is a common misconception. I think haunted homes are the most alluring when we first see them, up until strange things start to happen after moving in.

Before you go about looking for a new place, tune into your sixth sense before going out. You can keep telling yourself, “Let me see and feel what others cannot,” during your journey, and once you’re there, walk to every corner of the house and try to feel its energy. Notice your breathing, are you breathing normally? Or does your chest feel heavy? Do you feel comfortable in the house? Or is there an unsettling feeling that’s agitating you and making you want to leave?

If you can’t breathe normally and don’t feel comfortable in the house, then evil might be lurking.


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