Good job, everyone! We’re finally reaching the tail end of the year and that means it’s time to prepare for a fresh start as we usher in 2021. This year has been such a trying time for so many of us who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for those who have suffered losses in their business, wealth, or even loved ones.

I usually advise the people around me to cleanse themselves and their environment before welcoming the new year. There are several simple rituals that people can do on their own so that they can reset their minds, recharge their spirits, and feel ready to confront new challenges and opportunities.

One of the best ways to cleanse ourselves is by using water. Water is so essential to our daily lives that we can’t live without it. We bathe with water, drink water, cook with water, and wash our surroundings with it. But what many don’t realize is that water can also be used to cleanse us spiritually. We could be cleansing ourselves when we dip our legs in the water while walking at the beach, or drinking a tall glass of water. I learned this while growing up with my late great grandmother Cho Cho, and now I’m sharing this with you.

Time to go to the beach

What I would suggest you do is to take a trip down to the nearest beach or river at least on the first three mornings of the new year to go and play with water. Take your shoes off and step into the water until it is up to your shin and enjoy it flowing against your skin as you walk down the coastline or simply enjoy the view from the shores. Spend at least 20 minutes doing this and if you’re suddenly tempted to dive into the sea, go ahead and do so. But if you’d rather not, then that’s not a problem too. You don’t need to get your hair wet for this.

After your splashing morning walks, don’t forget to drink at least 250ml of water. Not only is this a way to hydrate yourself, which is very important, but drinking water at the end of this ritual is also a symbolic way to purify yourself again from within.

It also feels so much better to spend time with water in the morning rather than in the afternoon or evening. Early in the day, especially from 7:30am to 8:30am, we’re wide awake from our slumber and ready to absorb all the positive vibrations resonating from the morning sun.

If you’re looking forward to trying this out, be sure to do so for three consecutive days starting from the very first day of the new year on Jan. 1. For those who are more in tune with their spirituality, I would recommend supplementing this activity with meditation.

Meditating in the very early mornings from 4am is a good way to draw positive energy from the universe to cleanse all the unwanted negative energy we need to get rid of before entering the new year. Getting into deep meditation is pertinent to this activity, which is when you find yourself no longer aware of your surroundings and feel as if you have stepped into a different world.

Dawn is such a powerful time of the day to meditate. Not only is it the best time to absorb as much energy as possible, but it is also unlikely that you would be distracted at such an early time of the day.

Meditate for at least 45 minutes each time and for three consecutive days starting from 4am on 1st January. At the end of each meditation, drink a glass of water containing a pinch of salt that had been left inside for at least two minutes, as a symbolic way to cleanse us internally.

I find these such a simple and great activity for those who want to cleanse themselves of all the negative energy and aura that had been lurking within and around them throughout this depressing year. But if you’re looking for other ways to prepare yourself for a new start, good old spring cleaning could also do the trick.

Keeping things untouched for too long can make the air in our homes stale and the energy negative, so it is best to take the time before the new year to clean your home and get rid of all your unwanted things. We are all hoarders to some degree and might not even realize that we have accumulated a lot of junk from the year until we start to clean up our personal space.

In the last week of December and by the first week of January, poke around your house to wipe down any surfaces, dust off rugs, wash curtains, or donate any unused clothing. Not only will it cleanse the energy in your homes, but it would also make your space cleaner, neater, and maybe even more spacious.

I am confident that we can all move forward from this year with better energy. I wish all my followers and readers a happy new year.


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