Like a voice whispering inside of us, our intuition can help to guide us through our daily lives and navigate the obstacles we face each day. But not all of us have a strong gut feeling as those with stronger intuition can manifest their thoughts better while those with weaker intuition cannot.

It has nothing to do with the family gene or the environment we live in; our intuition is very much influenced by the kind of lives we lead in the past, which also influences how our third eye works. The more sensitive our third eye is, the stronger our intuition can be.

I believe that all of us lived through multiple lives in the past and bring with us all the negative and positive energy from those lives to the present. The good deeds we did in the past will bring about positive energy while bad deeds will bring the negative.

Those with stronger intuition tend to have greater control over their destiny and can even manifest the positive to become the negative, and vice versa. Someone with a strong gut feeling could potentially become successful or happy in life if they have a habit of inculcating positive thoughts. Contrarily, someone with a strong intuition could experience undesirable outcomes and endless bad days if they keep generating negative thoughts or complaints.

Those with weaker intuition, however, may find it difficult to manifest their thoughts and influence change in their lives. Someone with little or no gut feeling could be the most hardworking person in the world and yet cannot reap the rewards of his or her efforts. But there are ways to change that, especially through meditation or energy healing. Such methods can help to improve the sensitivity of the third eye and strengthen our intuition.

Don’t be afraid of the third eye. There is a misconception that people with a hypersensitive third eye can see all the otherworldly spirits, ghosts, and entities around them. Well, people with a weak third eye can see them too.

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