These days, people get out of bed only to jump back in again and work on their laptops. The mother’s in the living room, next to a younger sibling having an online class, and the father’s all suited up and attending a meeting from the dining table. The scenario plays out again the next day.

And again. And again.

If this sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone. Ever since COVID-19 entered our lives, we’ve become dull human beings. Our lives have been at the mercy of pandemic restrictions. We don’t go out often, we don’t socialize enough, we barely exercise, and we’re always in the same environment: bedroom, living room, grocery store, hawker center, repeat.

Being cooped up longer than usual can stifle the atmosphere in your house and drain your positive energy. When you spend less time outside, you deprive yourself of good vibrations in the universe and will most likely release negative energy into your home instead of at the office, school, or gym like you used to.

Everyone else in the house might also be swimming in their own negativity at home, which explains the increasingly banal and boring small talks you may be seeing at the dinner table. There are times when you might not even stand seeing your family anymore. But not because you don’t love them, you just need to get out. The whole family needs to go out so that they can re-energize their spirits, add color back into their souls, and radiate like the morning sun.

Where the sun shines

The best time and place to recharge is when the sun is shining bright in the morning, before 10 am, and at a wide-open space near nature.

Take some days out of your schedule in the coming weeks to take your family out for breakfast or immerse in nature, depending on what the latest restrictions are. If there are five of you, that’s great, since the rules currently allow for five vaccinated household members to dine out together or gather in public.

I personally like the Singapore Botanic Gardens because there’s a vast space where you can hold a picnic with the family while being surrounded by nature. There is also the East Coast Lagoon, where you can dine in the open space and enjoy the sea breeze. You could even bring the family to see wild animals in the zoo or the exotic birds at Jurong Bird Park.

The sole purpose of these trips is to cleanse yourselves spiritually. Being in different environments can be refreshing for your senses and your mental health. It’s not healthy to be in a dull state for too long because it might limit your mental capacity or affect your memory. Brain fog is one of the things that many people have been experiencing lately. They feel like they’re not themselves, they’ve become mentally sluggish, easily distracted, and disoriented. But if we keep cleansing ourselves spiritually, we can alleviate these issues.

So go where the sun shines again. You will feel a difference.

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