Have you heard of the term, impostor syndrome? It’s a phrase that has been used a lot lately.

It refers to the feeling that you don’t own your success or that your achievement was made possible by the help and support you receive from others. If you feel this way, you’re not doing yourself a favor if you had been working hard. But you’re also not the only person who has been feeling this way lately.

A recent global survey found out that more office workers in Singapore are experiencing impostor syndrome despite being well-educated and holding good jobs. I personally think that this boils down to our low self-esteem and lack of confidence. They are what I would consider mental ailments, which are something that many of us have been going through during the pandemic, especially among those having job insecurities and are suffering from a loss of income. Being in such situations can make us doubt our abilities and skills. Even worst, they could lead to anxiety or depression.

Treating your root and sacral chakras can help in such cases. After all, the root chakra is supposed to ground us when we feel unstable or deeply insecure. The sacral chakra, located in our abdominal area, can help to treat our self-esteem.

Both of these chakras are influenced by the way we were brought up. How did we grow up? How did our parents treat us when we were young? Did our childhood create a solid foundation for us?

If our parents were not supportive of us and were doubtful of our abilities when we were younger, there’s a chance that we might inherit those attitudes when we grow older. In Asian cultures especially, many parents tend to question their children or are too quick to point out their children’s mistakes and flaws, saying things like, “How can you do this?” or “You see, what happened?” Parents with such attitudes risk having children grow up with a lack of confidence.

There are also parents who constantly feel that their children are not good enough. Because of this, they send the young ones to numerous supplementary lessons like violin classes or piano classes, sometimes making it hard for their children to cope. In their pursuit of excellence for their children, they don’t realize that this could also make their children become unstable.

There are various ways to treat the way we feel about ourselves. Some people go to a shrink while others turn to spirituality. I would recommend doing a lot of meditation and self-healing, focusing on the root and sacral chakras. If that’s something you are unfamiliar with, find a spiritual healer who can guide you through that. Proper master healers, like me, can heal you and also help to teach you how to meditate and self-heal in the best way possible. Essential oils might come in handy too. They won’t help to cure you, but they can calm you down.

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