Take control of your life with the mind

Countless thoughts go through our minds each day. Be it bad or good, they can all influence our actions and realities.

People who experience traumas may be haunted by past memories repeatedly, affecting their moods and the way they perceive themselves and the world. Then there are the lucky ones who are able to maintain positive thoughts, manifesting those into their daily lives.

Our thoughts are more powerful than we think they are. They can seep into our subconscious and influence our actions and consequences.

If you constantly wallow in self-pity and think poorly of yourself, affecting your self-confidence and self-rejecting your potential capabilities, less desired things can happen.

Say you go for a job interview, for example, but you have doubts about your skills. Such thoughts can translate into your actions and eventually make you lose your chance in getting the job.

Just like the universal energies around us, some say that thoughts have their own vibrational energies that are connected to our inner consciousness.

There is one theory that can further illustrate how our thoughts can lead to manifestations and that involves the concept of self. When the self is still and our minds are clear from thoughts like preconceived notions, we can absorb knowledge.

When the self has intentions to change, be it personal character or surroundings, then comes a sense of willpower. At this point, some might say that our thoughts have converted into desire.

Finally, when the self wants to make contact with a subject, be it a physical object, a person, or a place, then comes a sense of action, such as taking a trip to meet the person or place, or setting a road map to achieve a goal. Here is where some believe that the thoughts have become energies.

Training the mind

But not all thoughts can influence our actions. Weak thoughts appear fleetingly and have very little effect on us while strong thoughts are predominant in our minds and can really drive the things we do and how we do it.

However, a line many of us do not wish to cross is when we act on illusions. The mind is so powerful that we sometimes forget that it is not a knower. We tend to confuse between what we know and what are just simply stored in our minds.

Our minds constantly accumulate past thoughts and memories and constantly pick up new ones every day. Overtime, thoughts can manipulate and give a distorted view of reality. Unable to control the mind could make it difficult for people to distinguish fact from fiction, and acting on the latter can lead to undesirable consequences.

That is why it is important to train the mind to improve concentration and mental clarity. Physical exercises and brain games have been scientifically proven to benefit our cognitive functions.

There are also those who turn to trained psychologists for psychotherapy sessions, otherwise known as talk treatment. During these sessions, patients would discuss their thoughts and personal problems with the doctors, who will then analyze and provide the appropriate medical treatments or medication.

Then are those who turn to spiritual healing for help.

Crystal healing, for example, can improve mental concentration and clarity, using crystals such as smoky quartz or the amethyst to help draw out negativity in the mind while also maintaining positive thoughts. Make sure you seek an experienced crystal healer to help you choose the right crystal for yourself and take you through the healing process.

Regular meditations can also train the mind to become stronger. Meditations such as the kundalini and either close or open-eye meditations can help to regain control of the mind and alleviate wandering thoughts, which is something many beginners face. Restless minds are common among those who just started on meditations, but with frequent practice, the mind can become stronger.

Many also turn to psychic therapies to strengthen their minds. It is important that this is done by spiritual healers who are professional and have sufficient credibility. Different psychics conduct psychic therapies differently, but I have personally seen success through a combination of meditation, energy healing, and spiritual manifestation. These are the three components that make up my psychic therapy sessions.

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