House Energizing Singapore

The energy in your house can have an impact on the harmony and prosperity of those living in it.

The energy in your house — whether it is positive or negative – can have an impact on the harmony and prosperity of those living in it.

Master Jenny can help to improve this by locating the different areas of energies within the house and clear or balance them out, otherwise known as Space Clearing.

She will also advise occupants to reposition items in the house — such as their furniture — or throw away items deemed to be the source of bad luck, financial difficulties, illnesses or unhappiness. She might also suggest placing crystals in certain areas of the house.

For families and couples who are currently looking for a home, Master Jenny can help to calculate and choose the right house or unit number for you, as well as the right color scheme to use and the auspicious date for cleansing and energizing prior to moving in.

Be warned that there have been cases in which the spirit of the house did not “gel” with the occupants, leading to many adversaries such as constant family quarrels, bad luck, unhappiness and illnesses.

Every house has a spirit that helps to protect it from unwanted wandering spirits. However, some houses are just not meant for certain occupants to stay in, especially if the spirit does not accept them.

For Landed Property @ $30 per sq metre. Please contact us for quotation.



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