Reiki Distant Healing

Improve One’s Physical Wellness

Reiki Healing can help to improve one’s physical wellness, even for people with pre-existing health conditions. With Reiki Distant Healing, it can be done across two separate places, which means that you would not have to leave your home.

There is no geographical barrier when it comes to Reiki Distant Healing. It can be done through a live video call or by simply sending a full-length photograph of yourself.

By looking at the photograph, Master Jenny can visualise the individual, sense the person’s aura, and understand the person’s personal challenges.

Alternatively, Master Jenny can do the same through live video call sessions, during which the individual is required to lie down.

Reiki Distant Healing does not include crystal and singing bowl therapies.

At the end of the 30-min session, Master Jenny may advise you on the right crystals you might need to purchase so that you can benefit from their healing properties as you go about with your daily life.



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