Spiritual Healing and Wellness Services

Helps To Improve Your Physical and Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual healing helps to improve your physical wellness, even if you are suffering from a medical condition.

Before the healing process begins, Master Jenny will first sense the patient’s personal energy field and aura so that she can determine the nature of the ailment or other challenges the patient might be going through. Only then can she decide on the next appropriate actions to take.

The healing process involves Chakra balancing, which is an important factor in the patient’s overall well-being. A balanced chakra can also help you manage your life with better confidence, peace and happiness.

The singing bowl is used to balance our chakras by helping to eliminate the negative energy within and around our esoteric bodies. It also helps to boost our energy so that we can improve our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual performance.

Crystals, which are known to modify the energy fields of our physical bodies, can also be used for healing, even for minor ailments.

At the end of the session, Master Jenny may advise you on the right crystals you might need to purchase so that you can continue to benefit from their healing properties as you go about with your daily life.


Other Services

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