The crystal for self-confidence

Do you experience self-doubt, lack in confidence, or intimidation from others? You’re not alone.

Some of those who encounter such feelings have turned to the healing power of the citrine to regain confidence, energize their spirits, and confront obstacles ahead.

The citrine is a mineral quartz easily recognized by its beautiful yellowish-brown color and make for a nice piece of jewelry. Beyond being an accessory, it is also used among spiritual healers to help people feel reassured about themselves and their capabilities, and not be afraid of offending people.

Many see the citrine as a powerful cleansing gemstone that can cleanse negative energies from the body, while also cleansing the energy field around it – known as the aura – and protect it.

For those who experience emotional disruptions like suicidal tendencies or constant self-pity, many say that the citrine has helped them to remove such feelings of self-harm.

The citrine can help to improve the physical wellbeing as well, especially for those who suffer from ailments such as indigestion and problems with the kidney, bladder, and blood circulation.

When placed on the solar plexus, it is believed that the citrine can help the body feel recharged. Some say that it has the ability to help balance the energies in the upper body and align the chakras, including the second and third chakras, as much as possible.

To others, the citrine is also a symbol of abundance and can be good for prosperity and the success of businesses. For those with good intuition, using the citrine during meditations can help with manifestations.

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