Crystals for memory, mental focus and brain power

Do you have trouble remembering things? Keeping your mind focused can be difficult for some people, especially when we have too many thoughts clogging up our minds and causing us to become distracted.

There is a number of crystals that can help to improve memory, mental focus and even brain power, with popular examples like the hematite, the tiger eye, the amethyst, clear quartz, and the dumortierite.

I believe that these crystals can aid in our mental performance by placing them near us as often as possible, be it on our working desk in the office, or wherever your work space may be.

I always energize the crystals as often as possible and program them so that they can perform at their optimal level. I highly recommend programming the crystals before use and fine tuning the vibrations to suit various needs. Always strive to find a spiritual healer to help you do so.

The crystals mentioned above can be used in combination to improve mental performance. I am putting together a collection of them for my grandson so that it could hopefully help him with his studies.

I also curate a selection of crystals for patients and clients who suffer from frequent forgetfulness.

At times, being forgetful can affect the morale and confidence. To help resolve that, I will add the pyrite, which I believe can strengthen willpower and determination to succeed and move forward. I see it as a warrior stone that can help to motivate individuals.

Here are more details of the suitable crystals that I use to improve mental performance.

Hematite: Able to absorb negative energies and soothe stress.

Tiger Eye: It is known as a protection stone that can bring good luck, mental clarity and focus, and resolve problems without clouding our judgment with emotions.

Amethyst: Many believe that the Amethyst can purify the mind and reduce stress and anxiety.

Clear quartz: Can amplify energy as well as absorb, store, release and regulate it. It can aid concentration and memory while stimulating the body’s immune system and promote balance.

Dumortierite: This stone can help to promote patience and calm. It is also helpful when we find ourselves in difficult situation, helping us to think rationally before deciding on our next steps.

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