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The basic definition of a psychic is a person born with extraordinary senses that are more foretelling than that of a person born with the ordinary six senses. Some can do mysticism effects on other persons living or dead or entities which we cannot see. This is a segment definition of Psychometric.

Most psychics have the extra sense of seeing things which others can’t normally see. An example is the boy in the famous movie called “Sixth Sense”.

Many psychics can read the past or peek into the future, and foretell events that are going to happen. We call this gift, Precognition, the ability to know what will happen in the future, or instance knowledge.

However, not all psychics share the same gifts, or equal amount of extra senses. Clairvoyance is the ability to see outside of our physical world, to retrieve information about an object, person, a situational matter or event through means other than the common human senses. A person with such ability is known as a Clairvoyant or Psychic or referred as Medium by some people.

One of a medium’s special gifts is the ability to connect people to communicate with their dead families and friends who are no longer in our physical world.

Mediums are distinctive psychics. People are more aware of their presence and there are Television shows featuring stories on them such as Ghost Whisperer and Medium. These television shows display a perspective, special effects on how some of these psychics also known as mediums perceive their own reality, which is different from normal people, senses that can go beyond the ordinary.

People often associate psychics as people who have the ability of precognition and that through the reading of cards, looking at crystal balls and palm readings, these psychics can foretell and look into their future.

Psychometric also means the ability to look into the things that are left behind and get glimpses of what had happened. It is known that in some countries, the police force will use the services of Psychics and Mediums to help in their investigation and as second opinion to get leads for a crime. Physical evidence becomes important pieces of telling a story, and with a touch from a psychometric psychic, they can reveal many more clues during the investigation.

Although there are psychics that are truly gifted with special abilities, do take precaution as there are also scammers who claim to be psychics and psychics that are scammers that have the skills to market their abilities to influence the minds of people into believing in them and getting cheated of their money.

Around the world, and throughout history, there have been numerous beliefs and cases where people have the perception that having anything extraordinary such as having psychic abilities are black magic or a form of witchcraft. The dark times in history have records of thousands of executions of women and other people who are known to practice black magic and witchcraft.

In our society,a large percentage of people still don’t believe in Psychics or their abilities.But Science has always been interested in the human brain and how it works, are looking into studies on how psychics have extra ordinary senses and abilities. But up to now, there are no concrete evidence that psychics are real.

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