Spiritual and crystal healing therapies can each help us relax and reduce stress while improving our mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health.

When done together, our bodies have a better chance at faster and more effective healing.

Here’s how it happens:

Reiki healing like any other spiritual healing has been around for hundreds of years and — similar to crystal healing — helps our bodies to heal itself better by changing the forces of energy in our bodies.

For example, when our energy level is low, we tend to fall sick or feel stressed, but reiki healing can help to restore the balance in our energy so that we can become healthier and happier.

On top of that, reiki healing helps to dissolve any energy blocks in our system, cleanse our bodies of toxins, promote better relaxation, promote better sleep, good moods, and mental clarity.

Reiki healing is normally done by a reiki healer, who is usually someone attuned with the forces of energy that come from a higher power — otherwise known as the universal energy.

The reiki healer will channel this energy into the recipient’s body, either by laying their hands directly or hovering them over the various areas of the body, including the seven chakra centers.

This reiki healing technique was rediscovered by a Japanese medical practitioner known as Mikao Usui in the early 1900s. Till today, reiki continues to be practised around the world, including in Singapore.

But being a reiki healer takes a lot of practice and time, so it’s best to find someone who is experienced in reiki therapy and has a good track record.

On the other hand, crystals have been recognized since ancient times for their wide range of healing properties, with the ancient Egyptians using topaz to combat night terrors and the ancient Chinese using jade to reduce puffiness and drain the lymphatic system.

Crystals and semi-precious stones can also be used to harmonize and cleanse the energies in our surroundings, including our homes. This is why some people have chosen to use crystals as part of their home décor.

During crystal healing therapy, different types of crystals and semi-precious stones are placed on various parts of the recipient’s body — including our seven chakra centers — to absorb the negative energies within the body while also channeling in the crystals’ healing energies.

The rose quartz crystal can be placed on the chest, where the heart chakra is, to purify the heart and open it up to love, self-love or even friendships, while the amazonite can be placed on the throat chakra to improve communication. There is also the amethyst crystal that can be placed on the crown chakra to calm our minds.

When both reiki and crystal therapies are done together, the energies that radiate from both types of energy healing become enhanced.

A scientific process responsible for this is called entrainment, which is also a term widely known among physicists.

During entrainment, low energy frequencies sync up with high energy frequencies so that they can all radiate at the same strong rate and bring greater energy vibrations to the recipient’s body.

The greater the force of energy, the more effective the healing is likely to become, and the faster it is likely take place.

Still torn over crystal or reiki healing? Let’s just say that combining both crystal and reiki healing will give you more bang for your buck!

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