Mental Healing Services Singapore

A Gift From The Divine For A Purpose

Singapore Psychic Reading

Psychic reading and fortune telling are not exactly the same. While fortune telling involves predicting what could happen in your future, psychic reading lets you learn more about your past lives and how they affect your present. Psychic readings also teach you the difference between fate and destiny, such that fate is impossible to be changed, but with destiny, you can.
Reiki Distant Healing

Reiki Distant Healing

Reiki Healing can help to improve one’s physical wellness, even for people with pre-existing health conditions. With Reiki Distant Healing, it can be done across two separate places, which means that you would not have to leave your home.

House Energizing

The energy in your house — whether it is positive or negative – can have an impact on the harmony and prosperity of those living in it. Master Jenny can help to improve this by locating the different areas of energies within the house and clear or balance them out, otherwise known as Space Clearing.

Spiritual Healing with Crystals & Singing Bowl

Spiritual healing helps to improve your physical wellness, even if you are suffering from a medical condition. Before the healing process begins, Master Jenny will first sense the patient’s personal energy field and aura so that she can determine the nature of the ailment or other challenges the patient might be going through.
Meditation Workshop (live Video Call)

Meditation Workshop (Live Video Call)

Learn to unleash positive energy and manifest opportunities while staying calm and centred through the art of meditation. Conducted via live video calls, this workshop is designed to equip you with an experiential basic introduction to the ancient practice of self-healing.

Crystal Energizing

Crystal Energizing

Crystals have many healing properties that can benefit us in our daily lives and overall well-being, but it is important that we rid them of negative energies. All crystals carry within them positive and negative energies that they absorb as they are handled by various people.
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