Space cleansing can help to bring positive energy into your home so that your luck would not be so bad during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One method that can help you purify the energy in your house is smudging. This ancient practice involves burning substances deemed as sacred, such as herbs or woods. It is believed that the air in your house is purified when the smoke spreads into the air.

The fire element in such rituals also helps to dispel energetic darkness, clearing both the energy field around you and the stagnant energies in the surroundings.

Many are not aware of the multi dimensions where negative energies such as spirits can come from and piggy-back onto you while you enter your house. So if you sense something following you home, it is also good to wash your leg as soon as you enter the house.

The other method is through the use of salt, especially Himalayan salt, which many say has therapeutic abilities and can also release stress.

Burning sage

Sage is one of the herbs you can burn to cleanse the negative energies in your house.

You can either burn raw sage and smoke up the house for about 10 minutes or place a burning sage incense at the center of your house until it finishes burning.

Some people prefer burning loose, dry sage leaves. Leave the smoke on for five minutes before cutting it out.

Himalayan salt

Many believe that the Himalayan salt supposedly detoxes and purifies the energy around you by absorbing negative energies and toxins in the air. Place some of the salt in your home or invest in a Himalayan salt lamp.

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