Singing bowls are popular spiritual objects that generate ethereal sounds. Their heavenly music can soothe the mind, body, and soul profoundly.

This tool is a favourite among many spiritual healers in Singapore. When hitting the singing bowl gently, it produces relaxing sounds that calm us down. The musical vibrations can benefit our spiritual wellness by rewiring or resetting our energy.

Some of us tend to get carried away with our fast-paced lives. But playing a singing bowl can help you slow down and enjoy the fleeting, precious moments you have to yourself. That is why the singing bowl is best for people who lead a hectic life and need relaxation.

Benefits of singing bowls

Singing bowls can provide holistic healing by producing sonic vibrations that can elevate our frequency and adjust our energy level. There are many benefits of using singing bowls as part of spiritual healing, as stated below:

  • Promote spiritual healing
  • Energise our bodies with positive vibrations
  • Relax and comfort our senses

Singing bowls come in many forms. Most of them are made of metal and have unique carvings. A healer usually hits the singing bowl with a rubber mallet to produce various sounds. The sounds can soothe, calm, and help us absorb positive energy from the Universe.

For relaxing

Are you under excessive pressure? Are you struggling to overcome stress? Singing bowls are powerful spiritual tools for managing stress. They are commonly used in spiritual healing services in Singapore. As a form of anti-stress therapy, singing bowls produce sounds that alleviate body tension and anxiety while calming the mind. Many consider it the perfect remedy to relaxation in a modern and fast-paced life.

Easing into a meditative state

The sounds that singing bowls produce can clear your thoughts and prepare you for meditation. You can smoothly erase your restless thoughts and focus on the present when the sound of singing bowls play in the background. Staying in that meditative state also becomes easier with singing bowls around. Use it as part of your pre-meditation ritual.

Cleansing your chakras

Singing bowls produce sounds that can balance our chakras. The sounds can balance the energy in the body, stimulating the flow through each point upwards from the root chakra. When used in spiritual wellness services in Singapore, singing bowls can unblock and harmonise our energy.

Singing bowls are usable on their own or with visualisation techniques. Combining both methods can enhance the positive shift in your energy.

Cleansing environmental energy

Heavy energy can accumulate in our personal space, affecting our well-being. Erase negative energy in your environment by playing singing bowls in an open space. Play the singing bowls in various corners of your space to spread positive energy as widely as possible. At the end of the session, you may notice a difference in your spiritual wellness.

Many trust Master Jenny with her spiritual healing services in Singapore. Crystals and singing bowls are effective tools she has been using throughout her years in the wellness industry. Book a session today to enjoy peace of mind.

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