Reiki Distant Healing: Sending energies across time and space

When a person is confined to a space or is unable to travel to a healer, distant healing can help.

Energies move across space making it a possibility for healing energies to travel without direct contact. Many healers believe that there is no geographical barrier in healing. I can send healing from my home to someone who is in hospital so long as I have the intent to do so and the patient has faith in my healing energies.

The good thing about distant healing is that it allows us to help wherever we are and in whatever condition the person in need of healing is in.

For instance, when a person is suffering from skin burns or open wounds and is not allowed to be touched, healing energies can still be sent by laying the hands over the body or by drawing reiki symbols in the air from wherever I am. While tracing the symbols in the air, I will visualize the healing energies being transferred to the person.

The person receiving the healing can go about with their daily lives while the energies are being sent to them.

The healer will harness the universal (“rei”) energy (“ki”) and transfer it to the patient without touching the patient directly.

But it takes pure intentions and good instincts for the healing power to radiate at its best. Having insincere intentions when healing a person might sabotage the healing process.

Those who have a personal agenda may find their healing energies ineffective. For example, trying to heal a family member because the healer no longer wants to care for them would reduce the effectiveness of the healing process.

Master healers also need to know that distant healing still respects the order of nature. Healers cannot determine how they would like their patients to heal, like recovering from cancer. But they can set their intentions by hoping that the patient recovers as fast as possible, be it physically or emotionally.

Sometimes, there are deeper reasons why a person is experiencing a situation or a medical condition. It is not something that we are aware about and we should respect that. Reiki distant healing is not magic.

Having said that, setting pure intentions to heal a person unconditionally can make the process more powerful than you think.

If you are thinking of learning reiki or distant healing, Gypsee Jenny conducts courses to teach you the relevant skills and understanding that you need before you can start on your healing journey.

Like any other skills, distant healing requires practice. But before you embark on your healing journey, remember that the ability to heal is a natural gift that everyone has. The only difference is in the way you harness that ability.

I believe that we are all born healers. When we were young, we would fall down and immediately rub our legs until the hurt subsides. When we were teenagers, we cry our hearts out over a break up to release the sadness from our system.

If we can already heal ourselves in some way, trust that the possibility to heal others is there.

But every healing journey is unique and it is best not to compare your experience to others. I do suggest tracking your progress in a journal so you can evaluate yourself based on your personal and unique experience.

At the beginning of most healing journeys, healers would normally undergo an initiation process where they attune their senses to align it with the frequency of the universal energy. That way, the healer can better sense the presence of the universal energy, harness it, and send healing energy to their intended recipient.

Attunement is done by a master healer, someone who is experienced and has unlocked the reiki Sanskrit symbols. I also offer attunement in my reiki healing courses, if you are interested.

Among the things to happen during attunement is the master healer moving the hands according to the lines of the reiki symbols. The symbols are in Japanese characters but with roots in Sanskrit.

After being attuned, some say that they feel relaxed and calm yet alert, and ready to start sending healing energy to others.

As previously mentioned, distant healing can work when the healer has an intent to heal and the recipient has faith that the healing would work. But what happens when the recipient is unaware that distant healing is taking place?

One way is to ask for permission from the recipient or note to them that you are sending healing energies their way. Even if they reject it, nothing is lost. Some say that the energy can be passed on to others.

You see, distant healing can let us be helpful human beings. When we read about the atrocities happening around the world; the violence, the environmental damage, or the social injustice, we are not entirely helpless. With the right intentions, we can send healing energies to the places, people, or even animals needing them the most.

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