Our house, or wherever it is that we consider our home, whether it’s a mansion, an HDB flat, or just a room, is meant to be our haven. It is where we let our guard down, relax, and unwind from all the stresses or excitement of the day.

As we lie down on the bed and gaze at the ceiling or outside the window, we don’t realize with our naked eye that there is energy floating in the space we call home. It could be negative or positive. Every house is different.

Who wouldn’t want a house filled with positive energy? A space that feels inviting, comfortable, and light. A home vibrating with positivity attracts blessings, fortune, love, health, or lasting happiness. An energized home can help to reduce the likelihood of us running into dangerous circumstances and may even lighten the weight of our bad karma. We can never entirely avoid unfortunate events in our lives. Still, if we maintain positivity within and around us, the chances are that we will be able to handle whatever life throws at us.

So what happens when negativity shrouds our home? Stepping into a negative home might not feel as inspiring or welcoming. The air might seem stale or dense. The dark corners of the house may appear sinister. Living in a negatively charged home can affect our mood after some time, drowning us in sorrow and melancholy and making it challenging to overcome life’s challenges.

Many homes were likely vibrating with negative energy over the past two years, as many worked and studied from home. We were all cooped up in our little corners of the house, exasperating over our bosses or colleagues and venting our frustrations over school assignments, in the same space where we should be disconnecting from the world. Instead of releasing negative energy at the office or school, we did it at home.

That is why energizing the house is crucial to our well-being. I highly recommend that we do it at least once a year, preferably at the beginning of the year or just before the start of a festive occasion. With Chinese New Year around the corner, you might like to energize your house a week before festivities begin so that you can usher in the new year with a spiritually cleansed and positively charged home.

Some would engage feng shui masters for complete and proper home energizing or learn feng shui themselves and apply their learnings. But not all of us have the luxury of affording a feng shui master or having the time to read up on home energizing books. So here’s what I would call a DIY home energizing method that I believe can help you cleanse, energize, and purify your home.

All you need is a chunk of Himalayan salt, freshly bloomed red roses, sage, and paper. Salt helps to clear the negative energy, roses remove negative energy while attracting positivity, and sage helps to purify the home. Use salt in their natural rock form because they are purer than the powder or grain salt usually sold at supermarkets. Make sure that the roses are in full bloom. You can use dried, loose sage leaves, but that might be tricky when you’re burning on paper.

A little spring cleaning may also help – don’t forget to dust off all the corners and get rid of unwanted books and magazines because they tend to store and give off negative energy.

Take note that the DIY method below will take seven days to complete. It will help cleanse the home to some degree, but if you’d like optimal results, you should engage a proper spiritual healer or feng shui master.

How to energize your own home

 Items you’ll need:

  1. Chunks of Himalayan salt (not powder form)
  2. Freshly bloomed red roses
  3. Sage incense
  4. Paper or paper plate/cup


  1. If you don’t have paper plates or cups, prepare several pieces of paper and fold them into small boxes. The number of paper boxes you need to fold depends on the number of corners you have in the house where you need to place them. Click on the following link for a video tutorial on how to fold a paper box: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjEvDFFb1zo
  2. Distribute the chunks of salt into the paper boxes and place each at the respective corners of the house. Leave them for three days. I recommend starting this process in the morning, preferably before 10 am.
  3. After three days, remove the salt and replace it with rose petals. Leave them for three days.
  4. Discard the rose petals and paper boxes.
  5. Place sage incense in respective holders and put them at the center of the living room, dining room, and bedroom. Let all the incense burn for a day.

I recommend using disposable paper boxes or paper plates and cups. Avoid using ceramic or glass plates and bowls to hold the items unless you’re willing to throw them away. Do not use plastic disposables because they are synthetic materials, which are not advisable in spiritual cleansing.

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