We all know water is one of the most important sources for life. But other than keeping us clean, healthy and alive, there are many other benefits that water has to offer.

Authors around the world believe that water can help to calm and heal us, which makes it unsurprising that many houses of worship in Europe, China and Japan are either built near water bodies or incorporate water features like pools, lakes, fountains or waterfalls.

Water can help us to reduce stress, boost our creativity, treat medical conditions, and more. Let’s dive into some of the lesser known benefits of water:

Water calms us

Have you wondered why a shower or a bath at the end of a long hard day relaxes you? Or why it is very calming to sit by the beach and listen to the waves crashing?

Just listening to the sound of water can put our minds at ease and put us in a state of solitude. Our thoughts become louder and clearer while our creativity gets a boost and it becomes easier for those who would like to meditate.

Our senses become less distracted when we listen to water, allowing our brain muscles to take a break from constantly having to send signals to our various limbs when we sit, stand or walk while on level ground. The calming effect that water has on us is even greater when our bodies are fully submerged in water.

Taking a waterfall bath is nearly as good. Many believe that it can help to alleviate stress and depression by boosting our serotonin levels. So if you live near a waterfall or are traveling to a place that has one, then you should consider taking a waterfall bath.

Water heals us

As many doctors can attest, water is a source for good health. Drinking plenty of water – at least eight glasses a day – helps to keep us hydrated and flush out toxins from our bodies.

Water that is rich in minerals, when obtained from certain springs, is also said to be able to treat health problems related to the eye, kidney, digestion, and even rheumatism. There is a number of luxury thermal spring spas across Europe where people go to for such water treatments.

Dipping in Japanese hot springs, more popularly known as onsen, is believed to stimulate the nervous system and the energy flow in our bodies, hence preventing blockages that could lead to poor health. Some say that dipping in the onsen could also help to slow down the rate of ageing as the spring water can help to reverse the process of oxidization.

If you turn to crystals for healing, then why not try adding them to water.

Water also make for a good wellness drink when combined with healing crystals like clear quartz, amethyst, or the rose quartz.

When water is mixed with clear quartz, the water absorbs the healing qualities of the crystals, allowing it to stay fresh longer and reduce the likelihood of bacteria growth.

Adding the amethyst or rose quartz to the water is also a good idea. The former helps with alertness and inner peace while the latter helps to enhance the feeling of sensuality and sensitivity.

Caring for the water inside us

As scientists have said, our bodies are made up of mostly water and can either be good or bad for us.

Water retention is a sign of a health condition such as heart and kidney failure or a premenstrual syndrome. It is best to see a doctor when you see signs of water retention, such as unusual swelling at certain parts of the body.

If you don’t have water retention, that’s great. But it is also good to maintain a positive mind and emotions as they could have an effect on the water flowing through our bodies.

When we are emotionally hurt, the water in us can resonate with that vibration and become bad for our health. Likewise, when we have positive thoughts and intentions, the water will resonate accordingly and become good for us.

This was proven in an experiment by a Japanese scientist, who found that water surrounded by positive handwritten messages had produced beautifully formed crystals when frozen. When surrounded by negative messages, it produced crystals that were deformed. The findings could be applied to the human body, and explains why some of us may be in poor health when feeling hurt or experiencing emotional trauma.

Where possible, always strive for positive thoughts, intentions, and feelings for a healthy mind, body and soul.