spiritual-healingPlain and simple, it is said that all healing comes from God. It is believed by almost all cultures, ethnicities and religious affiliations.

Spiritual healing is a very broad topic because there are infinite ways that the spiritual component of the individual can be cultivated. Spiritual healing existed for centuries, means differently to different people.

Spiritual healing is an alternative form of healthcare using nonphysical means to treat illness. The methodology consists of entrusting the healing process to a “higher” force. It involves energy of the universe, to cleanse and clear the body’s life force of negative obstructions, so that the mind, body and soul can harmonize.

In Spirit, they all work together as a unified channel for God’s healing. When the mind, body and soul (spirit) are as one in harmony, it can work properly together and the illness can start to heal. This can help the patient to be entirely healed and not just curing symptoms.

Spiritual healing complement with traditional medical treatments, can increase positive outcomes for patients with a range of conditions such as cancer, depressive disorders, heart related problems, digestive system and many more.

Some specific approaches to spiritual healing are faith healing, healing liturgies, meditation, prayers, anointing with oil, music and the laying on of hands.

Some examples of Spiritual healing:

Spiritual healing can come in the form of Prayers. Prayers can be done in a group or by oneself. It can be practiced even when the person being prayed for is not present or has any knowledge that there are prayers sending to him. It has been verified by many people the effectiveness of prayers. It can help with the health and well-being of the person being prayed for and brings a sense of purpose and peace to the person praying.

Another common spiritual healing method is Meditation. It is usually done by sitting quietly in a calm environment, doing deep breathing exercises and trying to clear the mind from all thoughts and be in a thoughtless stage. People from the Christian faith start meditation by reading a verse or a passage in the Bible.

During the meditation, they will think and try to interpret how God wants them to understand His words. It helps them to clear their thoughts and assist them to feel closer to a life God intended for them.

Channelling of Energy using the Reiki is another common spiritual healing method. The energy is channeled from the hands of the reiki healer to the body of the patient. This is usually done by the healer placing his or her hands over the body to heal various ailments.


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Reiki healing is usually used to work on balancing the chakras and the meridian line.

Although some people consider Reiki as a debatable form of technique, many Reiki practitioners believe that by physically touching the affected area of a body, reiki can assist in the healing of the body and mind from negative energy.

Reiki method can also be used where the reiki healer can do the healing without the presence of the patient.

This is called Distance healing and is usually done by an advance reiki practitioner.

Crystal healing is also another method used to heal a person’s mind, body and soul. Many practitioners describe it as an art of laying stones in harmony with the body’s aura, chakra’s and meridians.

Usually, the crystals are placed on the chakras or around the body so that healing energy will surround the ailing person. The delivered energy will then blends and resonate with the body’s energy centers and help in curing the pain or discomfort.


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Qi Gong (Chi Kung) is a Chinese method of healing that has been around for 2,000 years. It is a cultivation of qi energy with exercises.

It requires a disciplined physical body. There are motion and motionless exercises to help the body to be disciplined by regulating the body to its correct posture, mind (to stay relax) and the breath (the proper way to breathe).

Apart from curing illness, the benefits include a more effective central nervous system and cerebral cortex, stronger immune system, better synchronization of the brain waves, and many more.
These spiritual healing methods mentioned are quite common, and with the different combination of each method, it can accelerate in reconnecting the body, mind and soul and help to cure many ailments.

Aside from working with the aura, the chakras and with colors, there also many healers that work with Spirit guides and companions who they believe can help in the healing process.

It is never too late to try and have a spiritual healing done on you. And it is also never too late to learn how to do spiritual healing on others.

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