I started believing in fairies after witnessing them with my very own eyes right here in Singapore. I remember it was in 2006 and I was walking my dog in the early morning, near the Tampines housing estate I live in.

During our stroll, the dog approached the bushes by the sidewalk and was sniffing the plants and flowers while a kaleidoscope of butterflies floated above him.

My eyes were drawn to those butterflies and their vibrantly colored delicate wings. Then I saw something else riding on their bodies.

Against the bright yellow wings, I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be tiny fair-skinned human beings with faces obviously too small for me to see. They measured about half a centimeter if I recall correctly, and had translucent wings attached to them. As soon as my eyes focused on them, they scattered away along with the butterflies.

It was a brief encounter that made a lasting impression on me. After that day, I began to learn more about the world of fairies and even bought fairy figurines for myself. Among the things I learned was that they really do exist, except in another realm.

Today, I regularly communicate and seek guidance from two of them, known as The Winter Fairy and Mystic Aura.

The former is cheerful and playful while the latter has a more serious personality.

I speak to them through telepathy and open-eye meditation whenever I need help with my own spiritual growth. The fairies don’t help me with my work or psychic readings, unlike others. I have heard of stories of people who do seek the fairies’ help for readings, but not me.

The Winter Fairy always cheers me up or calm myself down when I’m feeling angry. She is always happy and believes that nothing in this world can make you feel otherwise unless you allow it.

Meanwhile, Mystic Aura keeps me emotionally strong and independent. She does not doubt herself and always teaches me to be unaffected by other people’s thoughts and actions.

I speak to them every day and have not had any bad experiences so far. If you’re connected to a fairy, you can communicate with them telepathically anytime.

Other accounts of fairies

As said previously, I’m not the only one who has personal encounters with fairies. Around the world, people have stepped forward with stories and even photos of their own experiences too.

In England, a woman named Lisa Wildgoose had in 2015 told the local tabloid newspaper the Daily Mirror that she witnessed a fairy while photographing in the woods near her home. A photo she shared with the paper purportedly showed the fairy flying near a flower. After zooming in, you could make out the hands and legs of the silhouette.

Also from the United Kingdom, a man named John Rutledge was in 2016 strolling in a field and taking photos when he captured an image showing what appeared to be a group of fairies flying in the air.

His image, which was published in the British news site Daily Mail, purportedly showed seven translucent and tiny winged creatures with arms and legs, each about 4cm tall, he said.

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