spiritual-healingIn these modern days, many people believe that Spiritual healing is related to witchcraft or some evil practices that involve “dark magic” to heal a person. This is not true.

Spiritual healing is an alternative form of healthcare using nonphysical means to treat illness. The methodology consists of entrusting the healing process to a “higher” force.

It’s all about renewing someone as a whole and not in pieces and allow reconnecting or connecting to a higher power.

It involves energy of the universe, to cleanse and clear the body’s life force of negative obstructions, so that the mind, body and soul can harmonize.

In Spirit, they all work together as a unified channel for God’s healing. When the mind, body and soul (spirit) are as one in harmony, it can work properly together and the illness can start to heal.

This can help the patient to be entirely healed and not just curing symptoms.

There are ailments and illnesses that modern science and its medicines and traditional ancient medicines like consuming natural herbs or “gin seng” roots cannot help to eliminate or lighten the effect of these conditions.

Modern science and its medicines can help people suffering from disturbing psychological behavior to stabilize their behavior but it is also known many of modern medicine cannot cure these people completely and leave behind side effects on the patient.

“Sickness” of the heart, whereby a man or a woman is jilted by the person he or she cares and loves dearly, the loss of loved ones who have passed away and cannot be forgotten, simply to gain back confident and the ability to pursue with determination and perseverance to succeed in a business, to start all over again when one is “down” every way in his life, recurring pain at the ankle due to a fall which caused a sprain many years ago, frequent backaches are some examples that cannot be cured or healed by modern medicines.

These are some of the reasons why people opt for alternative healing methods to help them in their infirmities.

Spiritual Healing is an alternative form of healing. There are several spiritual healing methods a person can choose from or combine to speed up or increase the chances of healing the illness, be it physical, mental or emotional.

One of the most effective ways to hasten getting positive results from any sort of Spiritual healing, would be to combine the healing approach with meditation. The patient must learn to stay calm over all his adversaries during the healing process and the only way a person can be at peace with himself and stay calm would be through meditation.

Meditation itself without any other healing approaches is known to help people in many ways. It helps to strengthen character, the ability to fight on (survivorship); it brings out the compassion of one self and the ability to forgive others.


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Meditation clears our mind and also helps us to focus on specific goals and be connected with the higher power during meditation period to open the door of a greater connection to your inner feeling and to the whole of humanity as well…

Laying of hands is another way of doing spiritual healing. Many people of various backgrounds and religion use it as a way of channeling energy to the sick and healing them.

The laying of hands usually targets different ailments from physical to mental to spiritual and is also known to help cure depression and cancer. Many people who use laying of hands use it in conjunction with other healing sources.

These healers also try to educate patients about their diet, alcohol, tobacco or anything that may be harmful to the body. Many practitioners believe that when people in general harm their bodies, it also harms them mentally and in turn affects spiritually.

Reiki is one of the popular spiritual healing methods many people use. It is a universal therapy that heals physical, spiritual and situational issues. It uses the chakras and the meridian energy lines to connect the body, mind and spirit.

Crystal healing is another form of spiritual healing. Crystals are placed on different parts of a person’s body, usually on their chakras or around a person’s body in an attempt to create an energy grid. Energy is then channeled from the crystal into the person’s body either by the healer placing his or her hands on the crystals directly, or using distance healing where his or her hands do not touch the crystals or the patient.

Every crystal has a different healing property that gives out a unique healing vibration depending on its structural make-up. As such, different crystals are used to treat different conditions.

Colors also play a big part in spiritual healing especially in crystal healing. Colors are important during healing and balancing of the chakras. There are seven main chakras and each chakra is associated with a color. The crystals used for healing and balancing the chakras have the colors connected with the chakras, such as the amethyst stone is for the 3rd eye chakra, the blue lace agate is for the throat chakra and the red jasper for the root chakra.

While these spiritual healing methods are very common, it is also possible that some of these methods will work better for some and not for others. Depending on the method a person wants to use, he can also choose to combine other methods to the method he is using and do the healing himself or through the help of a healer or a medium. In fact, there are no right ways to heal, as long as there is time and energy, the process can begin at any time.

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