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Jenny Is Very Accurate

I am in a family business and I come to Singapore every month and stay about a week to see my business associates.

I came to know Jenny through a friend’s friend. I had a reading done to know about my life, career, and everything else. Jenny is very accurate. I am happy with the reading and have recommended many of my friends and relatives to Jenny.

M. Harsono


It is very different from all the other readings that I have done

I met Jenny in December 2012. I always wanted to know more about my dad. This is the first time I am doing a Psychic reading. It is very different from all the other readings that I have done.

From the reading, I managed to know more about my dad. My parents were divorced when I was very young. I never really get to know my dad and his family and was not closed to him. I am living with my mum and my step dad. My mum has no siblings and my step dad is not close to his family. I am the only child and always alone.

With Jenny’s help I managed to contact my dad and his family. My dad is still single. He never re-marry after the divorce. I found out that a lot that was told to me about my dad from my mum was not true.

My mum is not happy but she has accepted the fact that she cannot stop me from seeing my dad.

My dad and I meet every week for a meal and chit chat. Sometime we will go to my grandmother’s place. There I will meet my aunts and uncles whom I hardly know and my cousins. I am so happy to be of my dad and his family.

Thank you Jenny for the help.

Mei Chin


The Healing With Jenny And The Meditation Has Make Life Worth Living For

I have known Jenny since 2002. Have done reading and healing with her, energizing and space cleansing for my home with her, etc. I am very happy with the services Jenny offers which have help me a lot.

I have gone to many meditation classes conducted by various gurus but was never able to concentrate when I meditate unlike when I attended Jenny’s meditation class in 2006 which was very intensive and lasted for 3 days and 2 nights. I am able to concentrate in my meditation very well.

Meditation help me in many ways in my life path now. I am more controlled emotionally and my general health is better. I used to get angry easily and is always stressful. Now I smile a lot. Every problem I face now, I don’t feel negative about it. I take it as positive challenge and to learn something from it.

The healing with Jenny and the meditation has make life worth living for.



Whatever She Has Said Came Through

I was passing by Singapore on the way to Hong Kong from Sydney. I was told by a friend that she went to see Jenny when she was in Singapore for a holiday. She gave good testimonial of her reading with Jenny and I decided to give it a try.

Jenny did my reading and told events that would took place in my life for the next two years. Whatever she has said came through.

I am happy with my reading with Jenny and always visit her when I am in Singapore for healing.

The healing sessions have helped me a great deal in controlling my nerves when I have to attend important meetings and my relationship with my wife has also improved tremendously.

T. Jones

Sydney, Australia

We both love children and have been trying for a child

I am happily married to a man that worships the grounds that I walk. I love my husband very much and I want to make our family complete. We both love children and have been trying for a child since the day we got married. We have been married for five years. I am a 35yrs old Chinese from Singapore and my husband is a 37years old German from Munich. We met in Frankfurt where we work in the same company.

We came to Singapore to visit my family and were recommended by my brother to see Master Jenny. He said he uses her service every now and then for his business decisions.

We met Master Jenny and were told that we will be able to have children. That makes us both very happy. Eager to have a baby, we took my brother’s advice to do healing with Master Jenny. Master Jenny did distance healing for us while we were back in Germany.

I have given birth to a baby girl two months ago.

Master Jenny, thank you for the healing. We wish you success in your spiritual work.

Mr & Mrs F. Mullerl


We like very much to continue staying in Singapore

I am an expatriate wife. My husband is working in Singapore in the IT industry. We have been here for 5years. We like very much to continue staying in Singapore. We got news from the company that there will be changes and that some of the expatriates will be told to leave. We are worried. My husband is holding quite a high position in the company. He tried looking for other jobs but there are no offers. I was worried and wanted to see a psychic. I found Gypsee Jenny in the internet. Jenny assured me not to worry. She said that my husband’s position in the company will not be affected.

Many expatriates have left because of the changes. My husband is still holding his same post.

I am very appreciated of the assurance.



I am divorced with three children

I came to Singapore about two years ago for overseas posting. I am a specialist in my field of work. I am divorced with three children. They are in Sweden staying with my parents. I fell for another expatriate in the firm I was working in. He was also a divorced but had a local Singapore girlfriend.

I got to know Jenny through search engine in the internet. I was very sad and disappointed. Jenny gave me the bad news that this man will not leave his girlfriend for me. She said that I will meet another man but not from this posting in Singapore. This relationship will last.

I was posted out to Hong Kong earlier this year. Yes. You are right Jenny. I didn’t meet the man of my dreams in Singapore. I met him in Hong Kong. We are now a couple for almost 6months and we are planning to get married!

Thank you Jenny for giving me hope

M. Broberg


Your advice to leave Singapore and work overseas turns out very good for me

Hi Master Jenny

How are you? We have not met for almost three years since I left Singapore in January 2009. This is just to keep you updated. Your advice to leave Singapore and work overseas turns out very good for me. I am comfortable and happy living in the US.

I am in a relationship right now. So far so good. Since the day you taught me Reiki healing I have not stop healing myself every day. I heal some of my friends in Florida. They find the healing very comforting and enjoyed it very much. That means I was taught by a genuine Reiki Master…smile… Some of them have ask me to teach them Reiki healing. But I told them I am not a Master and is not qualified to teach them. I am still trying very hard to concentrate on the meditation that you have taught me on manifestation. It is really difficult. But I am not giving up.

Thanks Master Jenny for all the help you have given me in the past. I am always grateful to have known you.

Like you always say “May all be well and happy with you”



I am worried that I will to be lonely and be left on the shelf when I am old

My mum is half Thai and half Italian and my dad is half Thai and half Chinese. I was told many times by both men and women that I am pretty. And I am humorous. Financially I am stable. But I am worried that I will to be lonely and be left on the shelf when I am old. I always meet the wrong guys. I was 45 years old and single. The longest relationship I had lasted 2 years. The rest were only a couple of months.

I got to know Jenny from the internet. She told me that I should go out with men at least 15 years older than me or 8 years younger than me. Anything in between will be a failure. That made me very depress. I hate to go out with much older men who make me feel as though I am going out with some uncles who may get heart attacks anytime without warnings and I hate going out with younger men which make me feel like their mother.

To make matters worse, Jenny told me to register with match making companies in the internet! She said that I will meet my Mr Right and will be happy. I thought she was joking. But she was not!

Out of desperation, I do exactly what Jenny told me to do. Amazingly enough I am now married to a tall good looking man that is 9 years younger than me. He was so busy concentrating on running his business that he has not much time for dating. He also hates dating younger women. He said they are spoilt and expect to marry rich men.

My husband is rich. He is the only son and is helping his dad runs the family business. I get along very well with my in laws. They are alright with their son marrying older woman. My mother in law confessed to me that she hated all the younger women that her son brought home in the past to meet them.

Words of advice. If you see Jenny and she asks you to do ridiculous things, just do it. You got nothing to lose!


Apinya Lee-Sirichai


I searched in the internet for psychics from Singapore and found Gypsee Jenny

I came to Singapore to attend a business meeting and took the opportunity to get my fortune told. I searched in the internet for psychics from Singapore and found Gypsee Jenny.

Jenny is friendly and funny but she is blunt with her words at times. Her readings on me were most accurate. She was able to tell me of the problems I was facing at work and at home and gave me solutions on how to handle them. I am impress with her reading and will definitely recommend my friends to see her should they go to Singapore for a holiday.

Mitch Taylor


I enjoyed the Meditation workshop

Dear Jenny

I enjoyed the Meditation workshop. It was interesting and not boring at all. Please keep me updated should you have any more of such workshops. I would like my sister and some good friends to attend your class. And recommend others to attend to.




You are a good teacher

Hi Jenny

I am back in Canada. I am glad that my friends persuaded me to go with them to the holistic fair in April and I got to know you during my three months holiday in Singapore. I also managed to attend your very interesting Meditation workshop in June. You are a good teacher.

I have been practicing the meditation every morning and strangely, nowadays whenever I am thinking of someone, I will receive a call from that person. These happen quite frequently so I doubt that they are merely coincidences. Is this part of manifestation when we meditate?

I feel very energize lately and don’t seem to feel tired so easily. I am not so agitated nowadays at work too. My subordinates at work notice that I am calmer and seem more relax. I don’t know whether this is good or bad but I am more patient at work and don’t seem to scold or scream so much at people in general. I hope my subordinates will not take advantage of the new me!

I will be coming to Singapore again early next year to spend the Lunar New Year with my family. I will stay for three months again. Should you be conducting any spiritual classes or seminars around Lunar New Year period, please register me for the class. I am keen to know more about Spirituality.

See you next year.



After Learning Reiki With Jenny I Can Feel The Reiki Energy Flowing Through My Crown

I went to learn Reiki from Jenny together with my friend. I have learnt Reiki from two masters before. I always felt that my healing capacity was limited and that it was not good enough. I couldn’t feel what was wrong with the person I was healing and cannot feel the Reiki energy flowing through my crown.

Jenny’s teachings is more comprehensive than the other two masters and I felt she did not short change me in any ways. After learning Reiki with Jenny I can feel the Reiki energy flowing through my crown and can sense what is wrong with the person I am healing.

Jennifer L.


I have never seen a reader like Jenny

JennyI met Jenny in January 2011 when I visited a relative who is working in Singapore. It was by chance that I saw her website and made an appointment to see her.

I have seen several fortune tellers in the past, but I have never seen a reader like Jenny. She could tell me things that no one knows about me and was able to know that I was having some relationship problems when we met. Jenny suggested some solutions to my problems and following her advise, I managed to salvage my relationship with my daughter. I am glad I went to see Jenny, and will definitely see her again if I go back to Singapore.

Someone you can trust


Jenny Frequently To Cleanse My Negativities And Aura

I first get to know Jenny when I attended a convention where Jenny was my roommate.

I went for a reading with Jenny for career and relationship. I also go to Jenny frequently to cleanse my negativities and aura, and to enhance my luck for my career and for my overall well being.

I also get crystals for harmonious livings at home and for career success.

Today I am better in balancing my life, have improve tremendously in achieving my personal financial goal. I am more positive in life and in what I do and is much happier.

Wealth Management Office


The doctors here were surprised at my recovery

Hi Master Jenny

How are you? Yesterday was my 26th birthday. My mum invited some relatives and friends over for dinner to celebrate my birthday since now I can sit up and walk with the support of a walking stick. Last year I was bedridden.

When it was time to go to the dining room for dinner, I gave everyone a shock when I got up from the sofa and walk on my own without the support of a walking stick to the dining table to have my dinner. My family and friends are so happy. My mum cried with joy. In the end everyone was crying. It was a happy moment.

The doctors here were surprised at my recovery. They never expect that I could ever walk again after the bad fall on the stairs that affected my nerves at the spine. I told them it is because a Grand Reiki Master has been sending healing to me daily from Singapore

Thank you for the continuous Distance Healing that you have been sending me for almost two years.

I hope to come back to Singapore one day and to visit you. Should you ever come to Penang, you will always be welcome to stay with me and my family.

I love you

Debbie, 26 years old


She Helped Me Solved My Problems

I came to know Jenny when I visited my friend in Singapore for a holiday.

Jenny is a friendly and understanding woman. After doing a reading, she helped me solved my problems which I have been having for many years with my family. My family and I get along better now.

Jenny recommended me to get some crystals to help me in my personal life. The crystals are working well for me.

Thank you.

Emiko Sato


Now I Am Calmer, Able To Handle My Stressful Lifestyle

I got to know Jenny while browsing in the internet. I was in a mess and needed someone to help me handle my life. I did a reading with Jenny and was told that my chakras were all out of alignment and were not balance. She told me what I need to know and helped solved some of the roots to my problems. I decided to go for healing with Jenny. She also recommended me to get some crystals according to my elements to soften the effects of my problems.

Now I am calmer, able to handle my stressful lifestyle. My work performance improved and was praised by my boss during a recent weekly meetings, mentioning that I am able to handle any projects given to me without any hassle. My relationship with my colleagues also improve. They said that I look happier and more approachable.

I recommended my sister to Jenny. She was afraid all the time because she could see and feel spirits. Jenny said her 3rd eye was very active. Jenny heal and balance her chakras and my sister is now happy because she does not see any spirits or sense them anymore.

Project Manager, Advertising


I Am Much Happier Now

I found Jenny on the internet. I came to Singapore with my husband about two years ago when he was offered a job. I was not accustomed to the ways of the Singaporeans and always depress and moody. I missed my hometown. My relationship with my husband was not improving after we came to Singapore.

Jenny did several healing sessions for me. I am able to adjust my lifestyle here in Singapore. My husband noticed the changes in me and started communicating with me again. I am much happier now.

We are now back in England after my husband contract ended in Singapore. Whenever I am feeling down or depress or facing a problem that I feel I cannot handle, I will email Jenny to do several Distance Healings for me. That always work!

I have recommended several of my friends to Jenny who will meet her for a reading when they are on their holidays in Singapore.

Sarah Brown

Devon, England

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