I enjoyed the Meditation workshop

Dear Jenny

I enjoyed the Meditation workshop. It was interesting and not boring at all. Please keep me updated should you have any more of such workshops. I would like my sister and some good friends to attend your class. And recommend others to attend to.


June 2013

The workshop was very interesting

Hi Master Jenny

I like to comment on your Meditation workshop which I attended two days ago. I have to admit that I have attended my classes on Meditation but I never attended any like yours before.

The workshop was very interesting and I learnt a lot more about meditation in this 3 hour workshop than all the different classes I have attended before.

I am going to try my best to do your method as I believe yours is so far the most logical way to meditate.

Thanks for sharing with us on how to manifest.

June 2013

I was a nervous wreck, mentally and emotionally unstable

I met Jenny last year recommended by a friend. I had just gone through a bad divorce and couldn’t find a job.I was a nervous wreck, mentally and emotionally unstable. I also lost the custody of both my children. I only get to see my children every Saturday.

Jenny made me carry some crystals to enhance and energize me. I also went to Jenny for healing every two weeks for almost a year.

The healing has helped me tremendously. I am happy about myself now and I found a job two months after I started doing healing with Jenny.

My ex-husband seeing that I was getting better in terms of mentally and emotionally has softened a lot towards me and now allow my children to stay overnight with me during weekends which is not part of the agreement terms in the divorce.

Master Jenny, thank you for straightening me up

M. Peh
May 2013

Since I met Jenny in September last year, my life has been exciting

Since I met Jenny in September last year, my life has been exciting.

Beginning of this year, I found a new job in what I like to do. The salary is good. My colleagues are friendly, nice people and helpful. My boss is a wonderful lady and understanding. Exactly what Jenny said will happen. My brother and I had a misunderstanding because of his girlfriend and were not on talking terms for almost two years but now we are. Exactly what Jenny said will happen.

Jenny told me to go for a medical check for females and I found that I had a fibroid in my uterus which I have gone for an operation to take it out. Two month ago I have given birth to a good looking healthy baby boy. My first baby. Exactly what Jenny said will happen.

This is an EXCITING year for me.

Thanks Jenny

Jasmine T.l
April 2013

It is very different from all the other readings that I have done

I met Jenny in December 2012. I always wanted to know more about my dad. This is the first time I am doing a Psychic reading. It is very different from all the other readings that I have done.

From the reading, I managed to know more about my dad. My parents were divorced when I was very young. I never really get to know my dad and his family and was not closed to him. I am living with my mum and my step dad. My mum has no siblings and my step dad is not close to his family. I am the only child and always alone.

With Jenny’s help I managed to contact my dad and his family. My dad is still single. He never re-marry after the divorce. I found out that a lot that was told to me about my dad from my mum was not true.

My mum is not happy but she has accepted the fact that she cannot stop me from seeing my dad.

My dad and I meet every week for a meal and chit chat. Sometime we will go to my grandmother’s place. There I will meet my aunts and uncles whom I hardly know and my cousins. I am so happy to be of my dad and his family.

Thank you Jenny for the help.

Mei Chin
April 2013

Thank you so much for your compassion

Master Jenny. Thank you so much for your compassion. I am most grateful that you took the time to see me on such short notice before the Chinese New Year. You have managed to give me an insight of what is happening to my life and how to go about handling my situation. I have managed to resolve the problem.

Most appreciative and grateful
February 2013

We have given up the hope of ever having a child of our own

I saw Gypsee Jenny sometime in November 2012. I have just got a promotion in the company and I wanted to know what will the year 2013 be like for me.

The first thing she said was that I was going to be a father. I was taken aback and shocked. My wife and I have been trying for a child for many years but we were never successful. We have given up the hope of ever having a child of our own. We stopped all methods in trying to have a baby. We stopped seeing specialists, going for traditional massages and medicines, etc.

We are BLESSED!!! Two weeks after seeing Gypsee Jenny, my wife complained that she was nauseating. She has not gotten her period for the month. We are never bothered about it anymore because her period has a long cycle of 45 days. My wife went to a neighboring clinic to check what was wrong with her and was told that she was 7weeks pregnant!!!!

My wife is now about 4 months in her pregnancy and the doctor said the baby is doing fine.

This is the best news I have received in my entirely life!!!!!!

February 2013

I went to Jenny in suspicion that my wife is having an affair

I quarreled with my wife a lot. She was always too tired to do anything together with me. She frequently claimed that she has to go for overseas meeting. I wanted a divorce and wanted to know if I can have full custody of my two sons. I went to Jenny in suspicion that my wife is having an affair.

I did not get the answer of what I want to know when I went to see Jenny. But the information I got from Jenny was far more valuable than one can imagine.
Jenny told me not to be harsh towards my wife and to open up and sincerely talk to her. She said that my wife is faithful and that she was secretly going for medical treatment. She did not want anyone to worry about her, especially me. My wife was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus, 2nd stage. I felt ashamed of myself for not trusting my wife. I am a silly man.

My wife has completed her chemotherapy and her Oncologist said that she is recovering well.
I am so glad I went to see Jenny before deciding to divorce my wife. Jenny saved me from destroying a good marriage.

Thank you so much. I will always be indebted to you.

January 2013

I went to see Jenny two years ago hoping that she will tell me something different

I went to see Jenny two years ago hoping that she will tell me something different from all those fortune tellers, fengshui masters, tarot cards readers, etc. that I have seen in the past. All of them said that I was very career minded and ambitious and that I have missed the chance of finding the right woman and that I will remain a bachelor.

My wish came through. Jenny did say differently. She said that my time has not yet come for me to meet my Miss Right but I will get to know her sooner than expected.

I met my Miss Right only one month after I went to see Jenny. I am now married and my wife is two months pregnant.

Jenny, you are the best. Like we Chinese always say “Si Bei Chun”

Roger Tay
October 2012

I wanted a baby badly

I wanted a baby badly. I have been trying to have a baby for 8 years. I have gone through IVF twice but failed to conceive. I went to see Jenny in 2008. She told me to keep on trying but not to go for another IVF because it is expensive. My husband has lost hope that we will have a child.

We have spent a lot of money on IVF. I decided to take another chance. I went to Jenny for healing for almost one year before I got pregnant. I was 41 years old. Today, 05 July is my daughter’s 3rd birthday.

Thank you for helping us.

Kumar & Beatrice
July 2012

I had two job offers but cannot decide

I met Jenny at a friend’s home. She is the teacher that taught my friend’s mother Reiki healing. I fixed an appointment and I did a reading with her. I had two job offers but cannot decide on which job to take. One was in manufacturing and the other a legal firm. This will be my first job after graduation.

Jenny told me not to accept either jobs but to continue applying for jobs. She said I will not be happy if I took one of the jobs. My parents were upset that I didn’t take up either jobs and was angry that I went to do a reading with Jenny. I told my parents that Jenny said I will get a job in two months. The salary will be much higher and I will like the job. Exactly two months later I did get a job. It is in the communication industry. The salary was higher. I have been working for one and half years and already given a promotion.

Now my mother goes to Jenny for healing!

Well done! You keep up to your reputation.

April 2012

The father of my son refused to marry me and take responsibility

I got pregnant last year but I was single. The father of my son refused to marry me and take responsibility and asked me to abort the pregnancy. I was 39 years old. I was afraid if I abort the baby, I may never be able to get pregnant again. I was confused and financially, I know I will not be able to cope as a single mother.

Jenny told me not to abort the pregnancy and that everything will turn out alright. I was alone for the entire pregnancy.

Things did turn out alright. My son was born on 10 February 2013. The father of my son came to see the baby at the hospital. We got married two weeks later. My husband turns out be a very responsible man. We are now a happy family.

Most grateful
May 2013

I just made a big break

I just made a big break. I know Jenny since 2008 but never use any of her services. I kept failing in every business I do. Out of desperation that I was getting broke I went to Jenny for help. My biggest regret was not consulting her earlier. I was too prideful to seek help from anyone.

I saw Jenny in October last year and was told that all the businesses that I failed before were not of my element. She gave examples of the kind of business that I should be doing. I did some research and joint venture with a friend in supplying toiletries to the hotel industry. Our big break came in middle of June this year.

You are GREAT! Thanks for the advice.

A happy man
July 2013

Myself And My Whole Family Including My Parents And Brothers Will Always Consult Jenny In Whatever Big Issues We Have

I have known Jenny for more than 20 years. I met Jenny in Shanghai in the office when she was there on one of her work trips. I am a Singaporean stationed to work in Shanghai then. Our companies were business partners.

We became good friends over the years and Jenny will always be my mentor. She has helped me throughout the years. From the time I was still single and now married with 3 children, eldest is 15years old.

Myself and my whole family including my parents and brothers will always consult Jenny in whatever big issues we have. My husband consulted Jenny in which area he should start business in and Jenny told him which industry is good for him. My husband is successful in his business and still goes to Jenny for all his major decisions in business.

I am happy to know a friend like Jenny.

A good friend

Jenny Was Able To Tell Events That Had Happened To Me That Nobody Knows

In the beginning I do not believe that there is such a thing as psychic. Many of my friends go to Jenny and said that she has helped them in many ways and they said that I should see Jenny with an open mind. To stop my friends from pestering me, I went to see Jenny although not convinced.

When Jenny first saw me, she asked me why I wanted to see her when I don’t actually believe in reading or healing. Jenny was able to tell events that had happened to me that nobody knows. I was taken aback. She told a lot of things that would happen like I will be offered a job soon and that I will accept it because it will be too difficult to refuse.

She said I will do well in this job and I will get promoted within a year after I join the company. I did get a job offer. Amazingly, I never applied for any job opening. I was happy then at the workplace I was working. This job was referred to me by a friend who thought that I fit well for the position and recommended me to her manager without my knowing. I took the job which comes will a higher salary then what I was getting. I am still working in this company and have been promoted twice since I joined them in February 2010.

I do believe in psychic abilities now. I also believe that Jenny is a fantastic psychic.

A non believer
May 2011

Jenny Told Me That The Marriage Will Be Alright And I Will Be Happy

I know Jenny through the internet. I made a booking for a reading. I was worried what will life be for me in Singapore. I am from India and had an arranged marriage by my parents to marry a Singaporean Indian.

I emailed to Jenny several times and managed to persuade Jenny to do a reading through the telephone. Something I later found out that she doesn’t like to do.

Jenny told me that the marriage will be alright and I will be happy. I am already in Singapore and married to a good man that shows me a lot of respect and is very sensitive to my feelings. I am pregnant now and our baby will come in February next year 2012.

Singapore PR
July 2011

Jenny Is Now My Mentor. I Don’t Deny I Go To Jenny For Every Big Decision I Have To Make.

Thank you Jenny for helping me to pull myself together again. You help me get back my confident and myself respect.

I was a housewife, a mother then of a 2year old son and financially unstable. My husband left me for another woman.

My parents will not let me stay alone at my home. I had to move back to my parents’ home with my 2year old son because I became emotionally depress and had to go on medication. I also tried to kill myself.

My brother who uses Jenny’s services persuaded me to see her.

I found a good job with salary enough to support my son and myself. That was five years ago. Now my son is in Primary 1. He never sees his father since his father left home. His father never visited him.

I managed to buy my own flat and now is staying with my son in my home. I have a wonderful son. Always cheerful and happy. I have a foreign maid to care of my son and my home when I go to work.

I also attended Jenny’s meditation classes and meditate every night before I go bed. I am happy and more peaceful.

I was told by my friends that knew my ex husband that the woman he left me for has left him. I don’t hate my ex-husband but pity him for being alone now and hope he will find someone to live his life with.

I still go to Jenny for healing every now and then to maintain balance in my life.

Jenny is now my mentor. I don’t deny I go to Jenny for every big decision I have to make.

A grateful friend

I Will Always Recommend My Friends To Jenny When They Are Facing Problems

I am the eldest daughter in the family. I dragged going home after work. My parents were always arguing for silly matters. They argue and fight at almost anything. This has been going on for nearly two years after since we moved to this home. This has never happened before with our family My siblings were never home because they hated being at home just like me.

I went to Jenny to find out what went wrong with my family. Jenny told me that the “house spirit” is a very negative entity. I told my parents and siblings what I was told by Jenny and we decided to do a home cleansing and energizing our home with positive energies.

After just a couple of days after the cleansing, my parents felt calmer and seem to quarrel and fight lesser. It has been nearly a year since the home cleansing. My family is now able to sit together again and have dinner every night without any of us feeling stress during dinner time.

My parents, my siblings and myself are happier now and I don’t drag going home anymore. The home is peaceful and now I can see my mum smiling more often.

I am grateful to Jenny. Thank you

I will always recommend my friends to Jenny when they are facing problems.

Karina Lee
June, 2009

Having Faith In What Jenny Can Do Helped To See Me Through Times Of Great Uncertainty

Jenny told me that I was going to have a baby. The following month I got pregnant. Jenny saw me through my pregnancy, which was considered high risk because I am in my 40’s, and still need to travel overseas for work.

My baby girl came out healthy and is growing well.

Did home cleansing for family harmony and good luck. The home cleansing brought peace, love and balance to my home, and made it possible for us to have Baby #2 after trying for 9 years.

Having faith in what Jenny can do helped to see me through times of great uncertainty. She’s now both a friend and a mentor to our family. Been with her since 2009.

Happy Mother
October 2011

I Am Now More Positive In My Thinking And Solving Of Problems

Came to Jenny for a reading on career and my future. Did healing to clear negative energies surrounding my aura. To receive positive energies from the universe.

Do house energizing for my home. Now my family members are more happy, harmonious and the home is more peaceful.

I am now more positive in my thinking and solving of problems.

Jurong West, Singapore
October 2011

Found A New Job In Six Months And My Relationship With My Parents Improved

I knew Jenny through a friend. Did a reading with her for career and health. Followed by healing sessions, to find a job, to be more positive, compassionate and to cleanse away my negative energies.

Found a new job in six months and my relationship with my parents improved.


Thanks Jenny. You Make My Life Wonderful.

I went to Jenny because I was retrenched from my company and couldn’t find a job for almost a year. After healing sessions with Jenny, I managed to get a job within two months. The position is higher and I am getting a much higher salary than before. My direct boss is very appreciative of my work and I had a fantastic bonus this year.

Thanks Jenny. You make my life wonderful.

Pasir Ris Street 72, Singapore
January 2010

After Several Healing Sessions With Jenny, I Have No More Headaches, Less Stressful And Mentally I Am More Calm

Jenny is a very kind and compassionate. She is a good listener and help me with my personal problems. I got to know Jenny when she first appeared on television on the Incredible Tales and found her website on the internet.

I did a psychic reading with Jenny to find out about my career, health and family. I had frequent headaches of nearly every other days for many years and wanted to know what was wrong with me. I also bought crystals from Jenny for overall goodness.

After several healing sessions with Jenny, I have no more headaches, less stressful and mentally I am more calm.

During one of my healing session, Jenny told me to go and see an ENT specialist. She said that she sense something is very wrong with my throat. I went to see a doctor and found out that there was lump in my throat. I did an operation, everything is well now.

My husband and my daughter relationship with me is more harmonious and I am able to be more patient with my mother in law making everyone happier at home.

I have recommended many of my friends to Jenny and they told me that that they are happy with the help they got from Jenny.

HR Dept
March 2010

Thank You Jenny For Making My Life Complete

I was recommended by a friend to have a reading with Jenny to find out why I am not able to conceive. I have been trying to get a baby for about 6 years. After only 5 healing sessions, I got pregnant. I am now a mother of a handsome 6 month old baby boy.

Thank you Jenny for making my life complete.


Jenny Frequently To Cleanse My Negativities And Aura

I first get to know Jenny when I attended a convention where Jenny was my roommate.

I went for a reading with Jenny for career and relationship. I also go to Jenny frequently to cleanse my negativities and aura, and to enhance my luck for my career and for my overall well being.

I also get crystals for harmonious livings at home and for career success.

Today I am better in balancing my life, have improve tremendously in achieving my personal financial goal. I am more positive in life and in what I do and is much happier.

Wealth Management Office
February 2011

My Marriage And Relationship With My Husband And Insurance Business Also Improved Ever Since The Healing Sessions

I got to know Jenny through my boss who felt that I needed help badly for my business in insurance because my personal problems was affecting my work .

I did a reading with Jenny to solve my problem with my mother-in-law - bad relationship with my mother-in-law since the birth of my older girl in 2008. We are staying together in one house. I was also then suffering from post-natal depression after giving birth to my 2nd daughter in 2009. My relationship with my husband was also not so good.

Jenny did a thorough reading to try and solve my problems. I took crystals for personal well-being and to balanced my emotions. I am able to manage myself and not so agitated after taking the crystals.

From the healing sessions with Jenny, I get to understand my mother-in-law better and managed my emotions better. My marriage and relationship with my husband also improved. My insurance business also improved ever since the healing sessions.

Financial Services Consultant

Resolve My Mother-In-Law Misunderstanding Of Me (More Than 20 Years)

I went to Jenny for many things. It started with reading for my insurance business, then my family.

I have gone healing with Jenny more than a year, for clearing of negativity around me, to improve my relationship with my mother-in-law and as well as to excel and expand my business.

I also bought crystals for prosperity and success in office and harmony and peace for home. My son also goes to Jenny for healing and his personality also changed for the better and his business also improved tremendously.

After seeing Jenny for healing, I managed to resolve my mother-in-law misunderstanding of me (more than 20years) and we were on talking terms. I was with her and oversee her need before she passed away.

My relationship with the company’s management improved and I receive lots of good back up support from the company for my growing business. My agency (known as a district) has grown much bigger and it is still growing.

Dolly Wang
October 2011

Improved In Luck, General Life And Have A Clearer Perspective Of Life

I was recommended by my sister to see Jenny for a reading my career and to find about my general life.

I do healing to improve my general life, career , to be more positive and to clear my aura from negativities.

Yes! Improved in luck, general life and have a clearer perspective of life. The healing also help me to be able to solve my family problems.

I recommended a lot of my friends and relatives to Jenny. None had complaints about Jenny, after seeing her.

Flight Stewardess

The Healing With Jenny And The Meditation Has Make Life Worth Living For

I have known Jenny since 2002. Have done reading and healing with her, energizing and space cleansing for my home with her, etc. I am very happy with the services Jenny offers which have help me a lot.

I have gone to many meditation classes conducted by various gurus but was never able to concentrate when I meditate unlike when I attended Jenny’s meditation class in 2006 which was very intensive and lasted for 3 days and 2 nights. I am able to concentrate in my meditation very well.

Meditation help me in many ways in my life path now. I am more controlled emotionally and my general health is better. I used to get angry easily and is always stressful. Now I smile a lot. Every problem I face now, I don’t feel negative about it. I take it as positive challenge and to learn something from it.

The healing with Jenny and the meditation has make life worth living for.

March 2011

After Learning Reiki With Jenny I Can Feel The Reiki Energy Flowing Through My Crown

I went to learn Reiki from Jenny together with my friend. I have learnt Reiki from two masters before. I always felt that my healing capacity was limited and that it was not good enough. I couldn’t feel what was wrong with the person I was healing and cannot feel the Reiki energy flowing through my crown.

Jenny’s teachings is more comprehensive than the other two masters and I felt she did not short change me in any ways. After learning Reiki with Jenny I can feel the Reiki energy flowing through my crown and can sense what is wrong with the person I am healing.

Jennifer L.

Testimonial for Jenny – My Fairy Godmother

I got to know Jenny through a close friend who has consulted her for many years. I was skeptical about going to Jenny as I had gone to so many ‘types’ of fortune tellers. There were common birth time and date fortune tellers, the palm readers, the tarot card readers, Indian leaf readers, Indian astrology readers, Chinese poker card readers and Indonesia witch doctors.

Initially, it was for the fun of knowing the future but later it is to find out why I kept meeting the wrong men and why I am not getting the promotion that I deserve. Been to India, Indonesia and Malaysia and spent fortunes. Good things that the fortune tellers say will happen, never happen. Bad things that they say they had gotten rid off to make my life better seemed to have made it worse.

Much as I refuse to yield to the fact that me, an ‘A’ student since young and not too bad looking, would get stuck in a job that’s not getting anywhere and be a spinster for the rest of my life; I do not know who else I could go to and if I should continue consulting these ‘gifted’ individuals.

I contemplated for almost a year before I finally made an appointment with Jenny for a reading on 10 Oct 2009.

Two years later now, I am very happy to write a testimonial for her.

All I can tell you is Jenny is not the typical reader, she is very fierce and forthright, no qualms about giving it to you in the face. If it is bad, she will not sugar-coat it. If it is alright, she will just tell you so. But underneath the gutsy exterior, Jenny has a very big heart and is a superb natural healer. In just two years, my life has completely turned around. My work is progressing well and I have found my dream man and just got married. But most of all, I feel bliss and happiness now.

To work with Jenny, you need to have discipline and patience, and complete faith in her work. You will surely feel and see the difference.

Jolina Wong
28 Oct 2011

I Am Very Much Calmer And Patient

I attended Jenny’s meditation class in 2007. Before I attended the class, I was always frustrated with myself and always feeling restless. I hated my family members because I always found them irritating and ended up fighting with my parents and siblings.

After attending the meditation class which lasted for three full days, up to today I still continue to do meditation on my own every night before I go to sleep.

I am very much calmer and patient with my family members and people in general. I am able to take life easy and am able to smile when someone is angry with me and scolds me.

I strongly give me recommendation to all to attend Jenny’s three days meditation classes.