You are a good teacher

Hi Jenny

I am back in Canada. I am glad that my friends persuaded me to go with them to the holistic fair in April and I got to know you during my three months holiday in Singapore. I also managed to attend your very interesting Meditation workshop in June. You are a good teacher.

I have been practicing the meditation every morning and strangely, nowadays whenever I am thinking of someone, I will receive a call from that person. These happen quite frequently so I doubt that they are merely coincidences. Is this part of manifestation when we meditate?

I feel very energize lately and don’t seem to feel tired so easily. I am not so agitated nowadays at work too. My subordinates at work notice that I am calmer and seem more relax. I don’t know whether this is good or bad but I am more patient at work and don’t seem to scold or scream so much at people in general. I hope my subordinates will not take advantage of the new me!

I will be coming to Singapore again early next year to spend the Lunar New Year with my family. I will stay for three months again. Should you be conducting any spiritual classes or seminars around Lunar New Year period, please register me for the class. I am keen to know more about Spirituality.

See you next year.



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