We both love children and have been trying for a child

I am happily married to a man that worships the grounds that I walk. I love my husband very much and I want to make our family complete. We both love children and have been trying for a child since the day we got married. We have been married for five years. I am a 35yrs old Chinese from Singapore and my husband is a 37years old German from Munich. We met in Frankfurt where we work in the same company.

We came to Singapore to visit my family and were recommended by my brother to see Master Jenny. He said he uses her service every now and then for his business decisions.

We met Master Jenny and were told that we will be able to have children. That makes us both very happy. Eager to have a baby, we took my brother’s advice to do healing with Master Jenny. Master Jenny did distance healing for us while we were back in Germany.

I have given birth to a baby girl two months ago.

Master Jenny, thank you for the healing. We wish you success in your spiritual work.

Mr & Mrs F. Mullerl


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