I am single and wanted to know about future relationship

I saw Gypsee Jenny in January 2012 while on a business trip to Singapore. I am single and wanted to know about future relationship. She told me that I will find someone before the yer end and will be married next year. She said my husband to be will be of a different race and he will be a younger man. I didn’t believer here. My last relationship was almost 8 years ago and I only want a man of the same race as me. I am a Chinese and 37 years old. That was last year.

I am now married to an Italian man who is younger than me by 5 years.

Sorry Gypsee Jenny for doubting you.

Melanie S-Serra


Jenny Is Very Accurate

I am in a family business and I come to Singapore every month and stay about a week to see my business associates.

I came to know Jenny through a friend’s friend. I had a reading done to know about my life, career, and everything else. Jenny is very accurate. I am happy with the reading and have recommended many of my friends and relatives to Jenny.

M. Harsono


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