The doctors here were surprised at my recovery

Hi Master Jenny

How are you? Yesterday was my 26th birthday. My mum invited some relatives and friends over for dinner to celebrate my birthday since now I can sit up and walk with the support of a walking stick. Last year I was bedridden.

When it was time to go to the dining room for dinner, I gave everyone a shock when I got up from the sofa and walk on my own without the support of a walking stick to the dining table to have my dinner. My family and friends are so happy. My mum cried with joy. In the end everyone was crying. It was a happy moment.

The doctors here were surprised at my recovery. They never expect that I could ever walk again after the bad fall on the stairs that affected my nerves at the spine. I told them it is because a Grand Reiki Master has been sending healing to me daily from Singapore

Thank you for the continuous Distance Healing that you have been sending me for almost two years.

I hope to come back to Singapore one day and to visit you. Should you ever come to Penang, you will always be welcome to stay with me and my family.

I love you

Debbie, 26 years old


I am a timid person and have no confident in anything I do

I was introduced by a friend to see Jenny. I am a timid person and have no confident in anything I do.

I was always bullied by my colleagues and my boss. I am very stress and depress, single, and have a down-syndrome sister to take care of. My parents have passed away. I don’t have any close relatives and somehow when my parents were still alive, we never contact any relatives.

Jenny told me that my chakras are unstable but do see me having a good future. I went to Jenny for healing and have also learnt Reiki healing from her and attended her meditation class.

Doing healing and meditation everyday on my own, with the guidance of Jenny, have made me a stronger person. I feel better about myself and am not afraid to speak up at work if I feel that I am being treated unfairly. My colleagues and boss seem to like the new me and they are treating me better. My sister too is less restless and don’t frustrate me so much anymore.

I don’t go to Jenny so often anymore for healing like I used to. But I still go for healing every two or three months with Jenny.

I suggest to those that are having any kind of emotional problems to go for healing. In my case, it has help me tremendously. I am looking forward for a better future as was told by Jenny


Kuala Lumpur

It’s AMAZING! Jenny predicted my promotion and the increment I would get from the company.

A friend suggested that I see Jenny and I had a reading done sometime in October 2010. I was then working in Singapore with the same company for almost 5 years. In the first two years there was no yearly increment and the year-end bonus is always between half a month to one month salary. I felt there was no prospect in the company and that it was about time to change job. Jenny told not to look for another job but to be patient and persevere for another month or two. She said that I will get my deserved increment, year end bonus and a promotion. I doubted her but decide to wait for awhile since it was going to be year end and I will receive my miserable bonus.

Sometime in early December 2010, I was called up by my General Manager to his office. I felt very uncomfortable. My GM seldom smile or do small talks with anyone in the company. In his office, he said that he has been observing the way I work, praised me of my works and my loyalty to the company. The most shocking was I was promoted to an asst. manager and acts as an acting manager in charge of a new division which no one in the company knows about, given a 30% increment for my new post and a two and the half month bonus!

Since then, Life is so much better after my promotion.Early January this year, I got promoted to a Manager in charge of the same division with a good increment and bonus. I also got my Singapore P.R. in November last year.

I go to Jenny for healing once a month and with her help, I am confident to face all the good and bad things coming my way.

Terima Kasih Jenny

Danny Chew

Kuala Lumpur

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