I am worried that I will to be lonely and be left on the shelf when I am old

My mum is half Thai and half Italian and my dad is half Thai and half Chinese. I was told many times by both men and women that I am pretty. And I am humorous. Financially I am stable. But I am worried that I will to be lonely and be left on the shelf when I am old. I always meet the wrong guys. I was 45 years old and single. The longest relationship I had lasted 2 years. The rest were only a couple of months.

I got to know Jenny from the internet. She told me that I should go out with men at least 15 years older than me or 8 years younger than me. Anything in between will be a failure. That made me very depress. I hate to go out with much older men who make me feel as though I am going out with some uncles who may get heart attacks anytime without warnings and I hate going out with younger men which make me feel like their mother.

To make matters worse, Jenny told me to register with match making companies in the internet! She said that I will meet my Mr Right and will be happy. I thought she was joking. But she was not!

Out of desperation, I do exactly what Jenny told me to do. Amazingly enough I am now married to a tall good looking man that is 9 years younger than me. He was so busy concentrating on running his business that he has not much time for dating. He also hates dating younger women. He said they are spoilt and expect to marry rich men.

My husband is rich. He is the only son and is helping his dad runs the family business. I get along very well with my in laws. They are alright with their son marrying older woman. My mother in law confessed to me that she hated all the younger women that her son brought home in the past to meet them.

Words of advice. If you see Jenny and she asks you to do ridiculous things, just do it. You got nothing to lose!


Apinya Lee-Sirichai


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