Contrary to popular belief, crystal healing is not some magical or mystical solution to your problems. It is a scientific and evidence-based method. You can use healing crystals for healing your physical ailments and illnesses, de-stress and focus more on your life, etc.

What is the scientific reason for crystals working?

Crystals interact with your body’s energy field, and allow positive, fruitful energy to flow into the body and drain out all the negative, toxic energy. They channel your energy levels to create balance and alignment.

Crystals focus on healing your inner world. They also induce a placebo effect in the body which is a scientific treatment for medical ailments. The molecules in the crystals vibrate at a certain intensity. These vibrations create positive energy circles in your body.

They uplift your mood and promote physical and mental wellness and spiritual cleansing. Crystals have also been proved to improve concentration and creativity. Crystals will give a comforting feeling when placed on your body. You will feel more connected and at ease.

What are the different problems that crystals can solve?

  1. Anxiety and low mood

If you feel anxious and restless all the time, crystals can ground you and help you connect with your inner self. Crystals are great mood boosters when you feel low or stressed out. They calm you down and make you feel more rejuvenated.

  1. Poor mental health

Though crystals are not a replacement for professional therapy, you can use crystal healing as a supplement to therapy. They help you gain a sense of meaning and purpose which helps you gradually overcome your depression.

  1. Pain and illness

Pain-healing crystals shift your energy blocks, and align your chakras. It can remove all aches and pains in your body. They soothe tightly wound muscles and emotional tensions and bring bright, healing vibrations.

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