Are you looking to improve your relationships, achieve peace of mind, and lead a stress-free life? Meditation could be your answer.

Meditation has been thought to bring mental benefits for the mind and body. But did you know that with a teacher’s guidance, you can also manifest to improve all areas of your life?

Here are the less known benefits you may not know about meditation:

Raising mental alertness

Surprised? While meditation has been primarily thought to ease stress on the mind and body, focused meditation can provide the equivalent rest as deep sleep. As you reach the meditative state, your self-awareness will gradually move away from your tired body. At the same time, your body starts releasing dopamine, a neurotransmitter chemical that is responsible to help you “feel good”, and that is the reason you may feel refreshed after you complete an online meditation workshop.

The next time you are not able to sneak in a power nap, why not choose to meditate?

Meditation improves physical well-being

Meditation is an exercise for the monkey mind but it can translate into physical benefits for the body as well:

  • Scales down the amount of lactic acid in the blood
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Minimizes high blood pressure
  • Increases serotonin production that results in improving your behaviour and mood
  • Reduces complaints regarding stress like insomnia, headaches, ulcers, joint and muscle complaints

If you are concerned about sitting through a meditation and having to endure the numbing aches in the legs, believe me – it is quickly forgotten once you leap into the meditative state.

Power of attraction: Meditation for manifestation

You may have heard from friends or even celebrities about the power of attraction, and how it has helped them achieve their goals in life. Power of attraction is simply manifestation. And manifestation is about focusing one’s thoughts into realising a desired outcome. For example, you can manifest for a better job or relationship. And the strength of your manifestation largely depends on the power of your intuition.

Regular meditation develops your intuition, which in turn enhances the ability to help you manifest.

In my Meditation workshops, I use my psychic ability to strengthen my students’ intuition further with third-eye attunement.  And they have also experienced first-hand the benefits that it has brought to their lives. Some have used meditation to manifest for love, relationships, or a better career; while others for harmony in their lives and with families, and even found opportunities for what they have been looking for.

Of course, other than practising meditation diligently the way they have been taught in my workshop, they’d have taken action towards what they have set out to do in their manifestation too. After all, we live in a physical and material world.

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