The trend to heal using the Singing bowl is getting popular in Singapore. People are becoming more knowledgeable of the usage of the singing bowl.

A well-crafted singing bowl when played, gives out exotic sound that will linger for a long time. The longer the sound last, the stronger is the frequency of positive energy it gives to the recipient.

The sound emitted from the singing bowls helps in deep relaxation of the brain. It relieves stress and eliminates toxins from the body. Stress and tension are one of the reasons that maybe cause of blood pressure, addiction, and mental health issues. Tibetan singing bowls are considered as one of the strongest musical instruments that is used for healing. The bowls aids in muscle regeneration which is said to relieve joint and muscle pain. Any sort of headaches and migraine or spine injuries can be lightened as it to improve circulation in the body. Worries, lack of self-esteem, fear, anger, insomnia, anxiety and, depression may also be alleviated.

There is no evidence proof that the singing bowls have helped to cure any major ailments. However, the positive soothing sound of the singing bowls have aids in lessening the pain and sufferings that affected on our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Listed below are some of the effects of the singing bowl therapy on our physical, emotional and spiritual state.


  • Muscle regeneration and relaxation
  • Relief from pain for muscles, sciatica, joints, headache, spine or shoulder injuries through improved blood circulation
  • Improved digestion
  • Toxin elimination
  • better immune system
  • Body functions synchronize right from atoms, molecules, cells to the tissues and organs
  • Better energy flow

Mental or emotional effect:

  • Relaxed the mind
  • Improved concentration levels
  • Activation and release of inner feelings
  • Improved energy and strength
  • Boost in self-confidence, creativity and productivity

Spiritual effect:

  • Positive inner self
  • Harmony and balance in life
  • Feeling of bliss
  • Cleansing and stabilizing the chakras

There are spiritual healers in Singapore that provide the singing bowl sound healing therapy. If you are interested, you may want to contact www.gypseejennycom in Singapore.

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