REIKI is basically as old as the discovery of mankind itself. It is simple healing technique that was in use for a long time without any distinct identity during the past as far back as 7,000 years ago. Reiki was rediscovered by a man in the 18th century, Dr Mikao Usui, the then principal of Doshisha Christian University in Kyoto, Japan. He gave this healing technique the name Reiki
REI means universal consciousness and KI, is the highest form of energy, the vital life force which is present all around us and can be accumulated and guided by the mind.

It is easy to learn REIKI but it cannot be learnt through books or the internet. In order to practice this simple healing technique, one must learn Reiki through a Reiki Master who will initiate and attune the person to Reiki and its sacred symbols.

Many may not know exactly what Reiki healing is about.
Balancing of chakras – the purpose to balance the chakras is to dissolve any blockages by supporting the body’s natural ability to heal by itself. When your chakras are balance, you are able to remove toxins in the body and improve the immune system.
Reiki re-establishes mental well-being. It releases stress, removes negative thoughts and energy and help with emotional traumas.

Reiki healing is done frequently, will help you to have better sleep. With enough sleep, you be able to think clearly on the decisions you have to make. You will feel more harmonize within yourself and be happy.

Reiki healing can also be done on animals and plants. Reiki helps with animals’ well-being and help plants to grow more beautifully.

Reiki helps to enhance the effects of other healing techniques. Examples, using of singing bowls and crystals. Many practitioners such as masseurs, acupuncturists, chiropractic specialists that learn Reiki and applying Reiki in their works have testified positive improvements in their works.

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