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  • Singapore Psychic ReadingPsychic Reading

    The psychic connects with the vibrational energy of the subject in order to tune in to the query or problem, and will then give advice as to how to go about solving or understanding the situation.

    Order Psychic Reading Psychic Reading @ SGD250.00
  • Spiritual Healing with Crystals & Singing BowlSpiritual Healing with Crystals

    During the spiritual healing process, psychic Jenny can sense the personal energy field and aura of the subject. This will give psychic Jenny the indication of the nature of medical ailments or the current challenges the patient is undergoing, thus the appropriate action to be taken. Crystals are known to affect and modify the energy […]

    Order Spiritual Healing + Crystal + Singing Bowl
  • House EnergizingHouse Energizing

    Houses have positive and negative energies. Psychic Jenny will locate the different areas of energies, and will clear and / or balance them for harmonious living and prosperity of the new occupants. For Landed Property @ $20 per sq metre. Please contact us for quotation.

    Order House Energizing
  • Office EnergizingOffice Energizing

    Shops, offices and buildings also have positive and negative energies which are sometime retain negative energies from previous occupants and their activities. Psychic Jenny will clear and / or balance the energy of the premises to enhance the prosperity, wealth and business success of the new occupants. Office Energizing @ $36 per sq metre. Please […]

  • Crystal EnergizingCrystal Energizing

    It is possible to energize and empower crystals to enable them to be in harmony with the energy field of the owner. The crystals are priced separately. You may purchase your own crystals for energizing. Please email for quotation.

  • Healing Classes & Meditation WorkshopHealing Classes & Meditation Workshop

    Reiki Healing Classes are available for any numbers of students. Please contact us for more information. Meditation Workshops In this day and age of fast living and stress related illnesses, we need to find something that will bring more balanced relaxed rhythm into our lives. This can be done by meditation and healing, simple exercises, […]