I was having relationship problem with my daughter

I used to work in Singapore. I get to know Jenny from my Singaporean friends. They arranged a reading with Jenny for me. I was having relationship problem with my daughter.

Jenny opened my mind to see things differently about my daughter.

I am back in Manila. Since April 2011 Jenny is doing Distance Healing on me and my daughter every two weeks. She called it Situational Healing. My relationship with my daughter has improved a lot. My daughter told me that I am her best friend. That is wonderful. Jenny said I can stop the Distance Healing already. But I still wish to continue with the healing. My health has also improved. I am also not sickly anymore.

I am most grateful

With love

C. Mercado


Now I Am Calmer, Able To Handle My Stressful Lifestyle

I got to know Jenny while browsing in the internet. I was in a mess and needed someone to help me handle my life. I did a reading with Jenny and was told that my chakras were all out of alignment and were not balance. She told me what I need to know and helped solved some of the roots to my problems. I decided to go for healing with Jenny. She also recommended me to get some crystals according to my elements to soften the effects of my problems.

Now I am calmer, able to handle my stressful lifestyle. My work performance improved and was praised by my boss during a recent weekly meetings, mentioning that I am able to handle any projects given to me without any hassle. My relationship with my colleagues also improve. They said that I look happier and more approachable.

I recommended my sister to Jenny. She was afraid all the time because she could see and feel spirits. Jenny said her 3rd eye was very active. Jenny heal and balance her chakras and my sister is now happy because she does not see any spirits or sense them anymore.

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