Keeping plants and animals healthy with reiki

Healing energies around us can do wonders to the wellbeing of our pets and plants. Touching an animal’s forehead can calm them while serenading soothing sounds to plants could help them grow bigger and healthier.

Vets may attribute happy animals to nutritional diets and a loving home, while botanists may say that sufficient sunlight, air, and water can contribute to a plants’ growth. But in spirituality, positive vibrations can also contribute to the wellbeing of animals and plants. The same way humans are believed to have energetic chakra points, animals do to. Plants can also respond to reiki healing even though they do not have chakra points.

There are many energy healing practitioners out there who specialize in either healing animals or plants. Some of these people may be born hypersensitive to living things and can possibly communicate better with a cat or a dog than they do with humans.

But I believe that anyone can send healing energies to plants and animals, although their effects may vary. Actions as simple as touching the soil could send healing to the roots of a plant. Touching the various chakra points of an animal could also help to balance its chakras. Do remember that energy healing complements medical, scientifically proven methods and is not the be all and end all when it comes to improving the health of animals.

Healing animals

There are many ways to tell whether an animal is seeking healing, even though you may not be able to communicate with them as well as others.

Animals sometimes give signals through body language. When they lie on their back and expose their chest area, it could be that they want the owner or doctor to hold its chest or stomach. Try touching or massaging them there and see how they respond. Some show obvious reactions that they are relaxed, like closing their eyes.

Various animals are linked to common ailments. For example, cats normally suffer from ailments like cancer or damage to the liver or kidney. Reiki energy can heal them when they are in the early stages of the illness, or help them suppress the pain when the illness has become severe. Compassionate healing can have a profound effect on any living thing. The power to feel for one another can help to reduce stress and emotional pain while stimulating healing at the same time.

There are eight chakra points in animals, one more than a human being. The additional chakra point refers to the brachial or key chakra, said to enable strong connections with humans. Other chakra points are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. Use the chakra system to guide your healing, by laying the hands on or over the various points of the animals’ bodies. Fortunately, some animals are good at guiding its owners or doctors to the specific points of their bodies that need healing, by moving their bodies around.

There are also healers who say that they can somehow communicate telepathically with animals during a healing session, describing these communications as whispers in their minds. They can hear the animal telling them to move their hands further to the left or right, wherever the discomforts may be. Not everyone has this ability, but you can definitely use this to your advantage if you do.

Animals are drawn to positive healing energies and will rush towards it whenever they sense it. I have personally seen a cat drawn to reiki during a session I did with one of my clients through live video call.

The client kept a cat at home but it was not in the room with the client before the reiki healing session began. While the session was taking place, her cat suddenly jumped in front of the camera on the bed and kept brushing its body against the owner, enjoying the reiki energy vibrating from her.

Interestingly, the same client was psychic and could communicate with her cat. She told me that her cat said it was enjoying the healing and was asking for more. This may seem mindboggling to many, but I witnessed it with my very own eyes.

Healing plants

Keeping plants at home can be good for us. They supply oxygen, can bear fruits or vegetables, and beautify our homes. But it is not simple to grow them. There has to be enough sunlight, air, water, and quality fertilizer. In spirituality, reiki healing can also nurture plants and keep them healthy, prevent leaves from withering and keep flowers blossoming.

Reiki healing can energize plants and can be done by laying the hands closely over the leaves and branches or the soil where it is closer to the roots. Energizing the roots can build better foundation for the plant and contribute to growth.

Plants that bear flowers tend to be more receptive to reiki. Flowers with vibrant petals are a sign that it is responding to the healing energies. Other than reiki, try playing music for the plants each day to keep feeding it with positive vibrations.

The best thing about healing plants is that some of them even have medicinal or nutritional value that can benefit a human, such as mint or ginger.

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