Reiki Healing Workshops with Master Jenny

Tap into your potential to heal yourself and others

Reiki in the modern era is fast becoming a preferred choice of healing therapy. This form of energy healing is a safe and non-invasive technique that can help with ailments in the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of self.

There have also been accounts where reiki energy can improve overall health and boost the immune system, alongside spiritual development. The positive energy of reiki is channelled through one’s hands but at advanced levels, reiki can also be used to heal others that have been separated by geographical boundaries.

To be able to use reiki, Master Jenny will align and attune your chakras to receive this ancient cosmic energy. The reiki teachings by Master Jenny are one-of-a-kind and complemented by her natural psychic abilities. Her reiki practice includes strengthening of your qi, aura cleansing and the balancing of your chakras. This would prime your body to be at an optimal state to receive the reiki attunement.

Other than the four main reiki symbols commonly-used by reiki practitioners, Master Jenny is also able to attune more than 15 reiki symbols. With the permission and blessings from the Divine, some select students would also be able to receive additional reiki attunements to enhance one’s affinity to channel reiki for respective and specific purposes. Said reiki symbols for example can have a direct effect on alleviating depression, drawing in abundance, promoting a new business, aiding in personal relationships and more.

Reiki is not associated with any religion. It is a pure form of positive energy that has existed since the beginning of time and is now available for anyone to heal and develop oneself and others.

A Gift From The Divine For A Purpose

Master Jenny’s reiki teaching is divided into 2 different classes and comes in 3 different levels (Reiki 1, 2 and Reiki 3). Upon graduating from Master Jenny’s Reiki Healing classes, students will receive Master Jenny’s Reiki Healing certification.


Reiki 1 & 2
Total Duration: 2 days
Reiki 3 (Master Healer)
Total Duration: 1 day
Master Jenny’s refined attunement will include qi strengthening, balancing and help to unblock chakras. Master Jenny’s refined attunement will include qi strengthening, balancing and help to unblock chakras. This attunement will further enhance the healing abilities.
Basic reiki healing practice through physical touch (level 1) Advanced reiki healing practice and techniques that goes beyond distance with no geographical barrier.
Intermediate reiki healing practice without physical touch and reiki symbols activation (level 2) Class includes knowledge on how to use the singing bowl and crystals to enhance the healing.
Only applicable to those who have done Reiki 1 & 2 with Master Jenny

Client Testimonials

“Jenny is truly awesome. She is sincere, so real and candid. I have benefited a lot after attending her reading, meditation and Reiki Class. I started to see some good changes about myself so much so that even my husband noticed that I am now more energised, cheerful and positive.

Thank you Master Jenny and I would recommend people who are seeking to improve physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.”


“Being her Meditation and Reiki student, I truly appreciate Master Jenny going above and beyond her psychic abilities, as she takes on a motherly figure and mentor, always showing care and looking out for her students.

Thank you Master Jenny. You have helped me improve my life, career, and relationships by leaps and bounds. It is because of your passion in helping people, that I found my passion and purpose.”


“Jenny has helped to provide guidance in many areas of my life. With her psychic ability, she was able to accurately pinpoint exact periods and their respective situations to be wary about.

I decided to take up meditation and reiki healing with her after experiencing how legit she is, and am now practising for my overall well-being. I highly recommend those who need answers to see Jenny, she is able to tap into her ability to resolve them for you.”


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