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Route to Reiki Healing First Degree and Second Degree

Reiki Healing Immersive

This is the comprehensive learning journey you need to jumpstart a new chapter of your life in reiki healing with an experienced spiritual master.

With roots in Japan, this nearly century-old method of energy healing has improved the lives of so many around the world and continues to heal the mind, body and soul of people today.

The wisdom of reiki healing has been passed down to generations of healers from as early as the 1900s, although its origins is believed to begin much earlier than that. One revered healer was a Japanese man named Mikao Usui, who many also regard as the founder of the reiki healing system.

Today, reiki healing is becoming a popular form of energy healing, with its popularity reported in multiple countries around the world including the west.

As the name suggests, reiki healing involves the harnessing of the universal (“rei”) energy (“ki”) and using it to send healing. The energy can be enhanced through various reiki symbols.

Master Jenny is able to attune reiki symbols, subject to blessings from the Divine. Her reiki practice also strengthens the qi and cleanses the aura.

Reiki healing can benefit in many ways, including helping to reduce pain and stress, and improve sleep and mental clarity.

The route to reiki healing is a complex one and requires adequate guidance. At the end of this guided course, you will feel enriched and enlightened by the depth of knowledge that reiki healing has to offer, and feel more attuned to the universal energy around you.

Master Jenny will take you through your route to reiki healing starting with the fundamentals. She will then lead you through various important lessons that will make you a reiki practitioner. Your journey to finding balance, staying centred, and spreading the powerful energy of healing, begins here.

Reiki is not associated with any religion. It is a pure form of positive energy that has existed since the beginning of time and is now available for anyone to heal and develop oneself and others.

Client Testimonials

“Jenny is truly awesome. She is sincere, so real and candid. I have benefited a lot after attending her reading, meditation and Reiki Class. I started to see some good changes about myself so much so that even my husband noticed that I am now more energised, cheerful and positive.

Thank you Master Jenny and I would recommend people who are seeking to improve physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.”


“Being her Meditation and Reiki student, I truly appreciate Master Jenny going above and beyond her psychic abilities, as she takes on a motherly figure and mentor, always showing care and looking out for her students.

Thank you Master Jenny. You have helped me improve my life, career, and relationships by leaps and bounds. It is because of your passion in helping people, that I found my passion and purpose.”


“Jenny has helped to provide guidance in many areas of my life. With her psychic ability, she was able to accurately pinpoint exact periods and their respective situations to be wary about.

I decided to take up meditation and reiki healing with her after experiencing how legit she is, and am now practising for my overall well-being. I highly recommend those who need answers to see Jenny, she is able to tap into her ability to resolve them for you.”


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