Singapore Psychic Reading

Learn More About Your Past Lives and How They Affect Your Present

Psychic reading and fortune telling are not exactly the same. While fortune telling involves predicting what could happen in your future, psychic reading lets you learn more about your past lives and how they affect your present.

Psychic readings also teach you the difference between fate and destiny, such that fate is impossible to be changed, but with destiny, you can.

What are the problems you’re facing right now? Master Jenny can learn more about you through a face-to-face reading.

It is important to meet Master Jenny personally and not via the Internet, a phone call or email so that she can connect with your vibrational energy by feeling your palms.

Only then can she give you life advice, such as ways to solve your problems or to understand your situation better.

Each session varies from 30 minutes to over an hour, depending on the strength of your energy. It is best that the reading takes place before 3pm, as your energy level weakens towards the evening.

If you need help understanding or tackling a troubling situation you are currently in, then psychic reading is right for you.


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