Life takes a toll on our mental, physical and spiritual health, which is why many of us go on periodical vacations or make it a point to treat ourselves to nice dinners or a day at the spa to destress and refresh our senses.

However, not all of us have the luxury of time and money to go island-hopping off the cuff, splurge on a full-body massage or go on gastronomical adventures whenever the going gets tough. With crystals, however, we can continue to go about with our lives while keeping ourselves relaxed and at peace.

Crystals possess a variety of holistic healing properties that many of us can leverage. Better yet, we can conveniently take them wherever we go: whether it is on our office desk or around our necks and wrists as jewelry. That is, if you pick the right crystals.

There are dozens of different types of crystals out there, which can be bought both offline and online. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, costs and even sparkles. But picking the right crystal for you is more than just what looks good on you or at your workplace and homes, they need to cater to the kinds of self-care you need, whether it is to help you get rid of negative thoughts, or to help you love yourself better.

With that said, it can be quite difficult to point out the specific things we need help healing with, and that’s perfectly okay. There are many ways in which we can pick the right crystals for ourselves, even if we don’t know what exactly we should be looking for.

How to pick crystals

One of the most popular ways to decide on the right crystal is to use your intuition. Set your intention before scouting for crystals and then let your gut feeling gravitate your attention towards the crystals you should pick.

Some are able to tell that they have chosen the right crystal when they feel a sensation after holding a crystal in their hands: perhaps a warmth, cool energy, or a tingling feeling in your body.

Shopping for crystals should be a slow progress and it is best to start with one crystal before expanding your collection.

There are also those who pick crystals based on the chakras the crystals resonate with. For example, the rose quartz helps to promote self-love and is most effective when placed on the heart chakra, while Blue Lace Agate and Turquoise help to improve communication and is most effective when placed on the throat chakra.

For astrology believers, some of them pick crystals based on their astrology signs. Cancerians, for example, are said to be nurturing, devoted and compassionate individuals who resonate well with energies from emeralds, pearls, moonstones and red jaspers.

Meanwhile, others pick crystals based on the answers they get through the act of pendulum dowsing, which we suggest you engage a healing practitioner to conduct this for you.

Once you’ve gotten your crystal, remember to cleanse or energize them so that they can become more effective healing tools. We all know that crystals tend to absorb all sorts of energies from its surroundings, including negative ones.

Crystals that help to boost self-care

Now that you’re clear on the several ways in which you can pick your crystal of choice, let us share some of the popular crystals that have been used by others to boost self-care:


Working desk-bound jobs can create a lot of tension in our bodies – especially in our neck and shoulders — and having an amethyst at your workplace could help relief this. Amethysts are said to be able to balance out our hormones, relief headaches and tensions in our neck and shoulders, as well as treat insomnia.


A demanding and stressful life can cause a lot of anxieties that could potentially harm our mental health. Apophyllite have strong calming energies that could keep anxieties at bay by removing overactive thoughts, repressed emotions or negative behavioral patterns, so that you can redirect your attention to your body.


While we can never tell when accidents may strike us, it’s good to be mindful of some of the things that are out there that can help us with recovery. The aventurine is said to have energies that can support the heart, blood and energy circulation and speed up recovery from an injury or illness.


Having intuition can help us identify the kind of care our bodies need, but it is not always easy to recognize that gut feeling. The azurite crystal is believed to be able to awaken our psychic abilities so that we can better recognize our intuition. It could also relief us of mental stress, clear the mind and dissolve any blocked energies.


If your regular dose of caffeine isn’t doing its best to help you overcome the lethargy and ennui of the daily grind, the bloodstone is said to be a powerful energizer that can inject some enthusiasm, get rid of negative thoughts while also improve motivation and maintain emotional wellbeing.


If your metabolism seems sluggish lately, citrine is known to boost the metabolism while aiding digestion and treating nausea. It is also believed to be able to strengthen the nerve impulses and help the brain function better.


The fluorite can reduce any sort of inflammation in the body, treat cold symptoms and heal the mucous membrane. For students, the fluorite may also help in studying by clearing the mind and sharpening its focus.


Spice up your sex life with the garnet, which is said to improve the libido and sexual desires. It is also believed to be able to stimulate metabolism, alleviate blood clots and stop any bleeding in our bodies.


Ladies might want to keep the hematite handy whenever menstruation hits. The iron found in the hermatite can help to cleanse the blood, improve blood circulation and manage irregular menstrual flow, while also helping to reduce stress and anxiety.


If you need to detox your body, the jade is believed to be able to filter out toxins from our bodies through our blood, while also easing joint pains and speed up the healing process during post-surgery.


The jasper is one to keep for when you’re going through a daunting period in your life. Its energies can help you build up courage and confidence while you’re under a lot of stress, and also enable you to think quickly.


It’s safe to say that anyone who is addicted to social media should have a piece of kyanite with them. The crystal is believed to help ease headaches and tensions in our eyebrows as well as the pain in our eyes after straining for long hours looking at the computer or any technological devices.

Lapis Lazuli:

Those who use their vocal chords a lot in their daily lives may find the lapis lazuli helpful. It cares for your throat and vocal chords while easing any symptoms of attention deficit disorder by keeping the mind focus and unnecessary thoughts at bay.


Here’s another one for the ladies. The moonstone is said to aid the digestive system, menstrual problems, hormonal problems and water retention. It is also believed to help with weight-related issues such as obesity.


Emotional trauma is one of the hardest things to recover from, but the obsidian could help a person deal with it better. The obsidian is believed to relief long-term emotional distress and ease stress and anxiety linked to trauma.


Striving to meet people’s expectations in our daily lives can be detrimental to our self-esteem. The rhodochrosite is said to help combat any feeling of inadequacy by empowering you to treat yourself and view your self-worth better. It’s like having a cheerleader with you wherever you go.

Rose Quartz:

Going through a heartbreak can have a negative impact on ourselves. The rose quartz can be used for deep emotional healing while improving blood circulation and lowering the blood pressure. It can also help to release tension in our bodies.

Smoky Quartz:

This crystal is useful for those living in depression. If you’ve lost the mood to get out of bed, meet people, or go to work, the smoky quartz will give you the energy to become more positive remove all the negativity in you.


Similar to jade, the tourmaline helps to ease joint pains too. It can also be used to strengthen the immune system and the adrenal glands in our brains, where a variety of hormones such as adrenaline and steroids are produced in our bodies.