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For centuries, crystals and gemstones have been associated with mankind and nature.

People use them as a way to create happiness or for crystal healing purposes.

The properties of crystals with or without similar minerals, its reaction may differ on one individual to another.

And not everyone reacts the same way when exposed to them.

Some types of minerals are likely to produce a certain result, but not all specimens from the same type have similar properties whether if it’s physical or metaphysical.

There are books that describe about crystals and gemstones and how effective are their benefits when used as a healing tool.

Selecting the right crystals one can be challenging especially if you don’t have a clue on which crystal to choose, what it can do for you and being doubtful if the crystal will be beneficial to you.

It is difficult to know exactly what a person needs in personal development and that is why sometime it is not ideal to choose stones consciously. The unconscious or the higher self is very helpful in selecting the appropriate stone since it is not involved in the day-to-day clutter.

What many people don’t realize is that you don’t have to know the exact property of each stone to buy healing crystals.

What’s more important is to be very receptive and allowing yourself to get drawn to a specific crystal or stone that attracts you. Of course, having some knowledge of the crystal and a clear understanding of your purpose will be helpful.

One of the simplest ways is when you are buying a crystal in a shop, simply stand in front of the stones, close your eyes, relax and choose the stone you feel drawn to. Another way is to look around in the shop and simply buy what attracts you, whether drawn to you by its energy or it physical appearance.

However, you cannot to do the same if you are buying one using the internet.

It is physically impossible to touch the stone.

So you would need to take your intuition up a notch. Look through the pictures of each stone and note the section that appeals to you the most. When a crystal appeals to you and when you feel that you have to purchase it, it is likely that the crystal “wants to be part of you” and will somehow benefit you in terms of physically, mentally or emotionally.

An example would be if you feel drawn to a crystal healing stone such as an amethyst, it could be to help you sleep better due to insomnia, or due to an overstressed mental state.

However, it is always possible that when you go into a shop with the intention of buying a crystal healing stone, none of the many beautiful crystal healing stones is meant for you and you will not have the urgency to purchase any of them.

This could simply mean that none of the crystal healing stones in the shop is meant for you and hence are not appealing to you or that it is not “the right time” to purchase a stone which will probably end up as rock collection.

It is not wrong to start a rock collection of crystals and gemstones as a hobby but if the purpose is for personal development, and nothing appeals to you, then it’s time to accept that fact that it’s not the right time to start your collection.

Just remember that you should buy crystals and gemstones from reputable suppliers and after receiving the crystal make sure that you cleanse them.

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