psychic-reading-accurateThere is a common belief that psychic powers are innate abilities which cannot be taught. People have different viewpoints of the supernatural or unexplained events happening in our world.

But most do not realize that these powers are in them, with no clue as to how to awaken these powers in their lives. There are different types of psychic powers, and everyone is born with a different level of spirituality in them.

A person with a strong psychic ability will be able to tell the future. Occasionally, such a psychic may also foresee the future of others, also known as a psychic reading. How accurate a the psychic reading is depends on the spiritual level of the psychic and the spiritual level of the person the psychic is doing reading for.

In other words…

If a psychic born with a lower spiritual level than the person
he is doing the reading for, the reading can never be accurate.

Like psychics, everyone is born with different degrees of spiritual level and have six senses instead of 5 senses.Depending on the strength of the 6th sense, some people can sense, feel, hear, see or communicate with beings from other dimensions.

Or some may see the other worlds.Some people have stronger 6th sense than others.However, it does not mean if a person is a psychic if he has a strong6th sense.It simply means that that person is born with strong instinct.

Depending on a person’s spiritual level, the higher the level, the more difficult it is for a psychic to manipulate his life or do an accurate psychic reading on him.

The degree of spiritual level and the strength of each person’s
6th sense varies from one to another.

Psychics are born with additional special gift or gifts besides 6th sense.Do take note that it is not necessary for all psychics to be born with a high spiritual level. There are some psychics born with low spiritual levels.

Every psychic is an individual, born with different special gifts and all psychics are not alike.

Some psychics have the ability to see visions of past and future events but cannot see a person’s aura while there are also psychics that have the ability to only see a person’s aura but is unable to see visions of past and future events of that same person.On the other hand, there are also psychics who have all of the special gifts.

Example: A friend may go to a psychic for a reading and find the psychic reader to be extremely accurate. He recommends you to do a reading with the psychic. When you see the psychic for a reading, you find that what the psychic says about you is not accurate. Yet the psychic is so accurate when doing a reading for your friend.

Another example – tarot card reading.

Your friend went for the reading and everything the tarot card reader says comes true.

Yours never comes true.

This is because the tarot reader that reads you, maybe a psychic, but is born with lower spiritual level than yours.

Simply said a person born with lower spiritual level cannot do a reading for a person born with higher spiritual level than his.

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