A psychic is someone who is born with senses more extraordinary than a regular person. Those linked to mysticism can even have an effect on the living and the dead.

Most psychics can see things that others cannot, just like in the famous movie “Sixth Sense.” But not all psychics share the same gifts or have an equal amount of power.

Clairvoyance refers to the ability to see beyond the physical world and retrieve information about objects, people, situations, or events. People with this ability are able to see through means other than the common human senses and are called a clairvoyant, a psychic, or medium.

Mediums can connect the living with their dead families or friends. They are distinctive psychics who are more common in popular culture. Shows that feature mediums as characters include the “Ghost Whisperer” and “Medium.” They display the psychic’s perspective of reality, which is very different from a normal person.

People often associate psychics with people who have precognition or can foresee the future through card readings, crystal balls, and palm readings. In psychometric, people can attain glimpses of what had happened by touching objects left behind. In some countries, the police force uses this service in criminal investigations when looking for new leads or seeking a second opinion.

Physical evidence is important to any investigation and the police depend on them to reveal clues. While there are psychics with such special abilities, do take note of scammers who claim to have such skills but are simply trying to cheat people of money.

Historically, numerous accounts from around the world have linked psychic abilities to black magic or witchcraft. Those are dark times in history, recording thousands of executions of women and other people said to practice such things.

In our society, a large percentage of people still do not believe in psychic abilities although science has always been interested in the human brain and how it works. Scientists are looking into studies on psychics and their extraordinary senses and abilities. But no concrete evidence has been found.


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